A Year in Review: Our Best-Selling Bespoke Promotional Products of 2021

Despite operating in the ever-present shadow of the pandemic, we are happy to say that 2021 proved to be another strong and productive year for us here at Streamline.

However, in a year where hundreds of new bespoke promotional products emerged onto the scene, what items truly stood out, delivering for our client’s time and time again?

Well, in this blog, we have all the answers. So, keep reading to find out about 6 of our best-selling promotional products from 2021.

Let the countdown begin!

Branded Thermal Bottles

branded thermal bottles

The best promotional products are not just for show. Like any other product, they address a real consumer or client pain point. For this reason, our branded thermal bottles continue to be one of our fan favourites.

Famed for their versatility, our metal water bottles have utility at home and work, with brands worldwide being rewarded with a substantial ROI. A part of everyday life, your branded bottle follows the user wherever they go.

Produced from premium grade stainless steel, our branded thermal bottles make a fantastic luxury gift for clients or staff. Click here to check out our collection and find out how we can make your bottle truly bespoke to your brand.

Branded Tote Bags

branded tote bags

Another fantastic piece of eco-friendly merchandise, it seems that the appeal of having a solid and practical branded tote bag at our disposal is universally shared.

The go-to alternative for plastic bags for retailers up and down the country, our tote bags have also found great value for clients at networking events and as part of corporate giveaways.

Carrying your brand and your other bespoke promotional products, click here to explore our design options and create a tote bag that works for your brand and the planet.

Branded Mugs

branded mugs

Did you know that in the UK, we drink an average of 100 million cups of tea per day? And that’s not even counting coffee.

It is for this reason that branded mugs are considered a must for businesses up and down these isles. Never far away from a brew, make sure that for your team and clients at home or in the office, your brand always sits front and centre.

Offering an unmatched finish and full customisation across our range, click here to see the options at your disposal and find the branded mug that suits your brand down to a tea.

Bamboo Cups & Cutlery

At Streamline, we were honoured to support COP26 in November, supplying several sustainable branded merchandise solutions for the event in Glasgow. Shining a light on the enormity of the challenge ahead of us, it rang home the message, that even the most minor changes will help make a difference.

That’s why, for many brands, bespoke promotional products that utilise the plants fastest growing plant, bamboo, is an excellent place to start. Strong, durable, and most importantly reusable, our branded bamboo cups and cutlery are such an easy change to make, a great product to have in the office kitchen.

Utilising the same design philosophy to maximise your brand’s exposure, get creative, and join others using branded bamboo cups and cutlery to make a bold statement about your environmental ambitions.

Branded Lanyards

branded lanyards

A small item that can often be overlooked, branded lanyards are essential in many of our client’s industries, helping to neatly tie their uniforms together.

So, whether you are welcoming a new employee to the team, or preparing for an upcoming conference/event that will put your brand and people on display, our branded lanyards are certainly something to think about.

From a simple logo to more intricate designs and patterns, at Streamline our clients benefit from the passion and dedication of their own personal account manager. With so many customisation options to choose from, this allows your team to get a fuller understanding of the concept in your head, bringing your imagination to life in the finest detail.

Click here, and let’s get talking about branded lanyards for your business. 

Branded Clothing

branded clothing

With working patterns changing dramatically over the past 18 months, many of our clients have had to reevaluate their branded clothing and workwear options, to match the changing work environment.

For example, demand for clothing better suited to home working, such as cosy socks and comfy hoodies has surged. Luckily, at Streamline, regardless of your sector or choice of branded clothing, we will always deliver the highest quality products and customer experience on the market.

Click here to explore our broad range of clothing and workwear, or click here to read a recent blog where we give away our secrets to success with branded clothing.