5 Branded Gifts To Help Cut Workplace Stress

Let’s face it, we live in a 24/7 world, where the lines between work and home are increasingly blurred and home working often means that it’s very hard to turn off from the stresses and strains of work. We read our emails on the go, at home, on holiday – sometimes it seems as though there is no escape, especially as more of us have been working from home throughout the pandemic.

According to the Health & Safety Executive, recent figures say the total number of working days lost due to stress (pre-Covid) totaled 11.8 million. That’s a lot of sick days!

The main work factors cited by respondents as causing work-related stress, depression, or anxiety were workload pressures, including tight deadlines and too much responsibility, and a lack of managerial skills. It’s really no wonder that employers are looking for efficient ways to cut workplace stress for their important and valued team members.

Whilst we know that a branded water bottle isn’t going to do all of the work- we find well thought through branded gifts for your team could help towards your de-stressing strategies and in turn, reduce your time lost due to stress-related sickness. I mean, in 2016 people were so keen to find a piece of brandable merchandise to help de-stress their workforce that a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a stress-relief gadget called the Fidget Cube raised over 6 million dollars. 

This got us thinking about the product options that are out there to help us all keep that little bit calmer at work or at home, and how these items are great from a branding point of view.

Keep calm and consider these products

If you’ve noticed yourself anxiously tapping your pen against the desk, here are some suggestions on clever gadgets to help ease stress, and will also increase brand exposure:

  • Branded Stress balls – An oldie but a goody. Small, compact and inexpensive, stress balls are a straightforward way to stay calm and focused.  By squishing them in your hand you remain fixed on the task ahead.
  • Branded desk plants – A 2019 study showed that people who kept a small plant on their desk had lower levels of anxiety and stress at the end of a four-week period. What more, it’s an eco-friendly choice with great branding options.
  • Branded Water Bottles – whilst a branded water bottle may not be a direct stress reliever, it does encourage good habits and good hydration leads to wellness. 
  • Branded Pedometers- It’s a well known fact that getting out of the house and racking up some steps leads to an endorphin rush that can definitely do its bit to ward off stress levels. Encourage your team to get up and out and away from their desk with a branded pedometer and in turn help them burn off some tense energy.
  • Gifted Bullet Journals- Journaling is a great stress management and self-exploration tool, encouraging your team to take a little time out for themselves with the gift of a bullet journal.

With such serious concerns to acknowledge across our workforces, and so many innovative stress-free products to choose from, we can finally say…. and, relax! Contact our experts today to discuss your stress-relieving branded merchandise needs.