Employee Welcome Packs: How much do they cost?

employee welcome pack

How much would it cost to onboard each of my recruits with a fantastic, branded employee welcome pack? It’s a common question and one that we receive from clients with teams that are both small and large. As a result, we have cultivated quite a few ideas that can make any merch pack stand out, without price getting in the way.

Yes, there are many options and price points, but when you think of the branded merchandise people commonly use in onboarding packs, you can include a few common themes to make sure most of your people will feel, “That’s cool, I’m proud to work for this brand”.

If you think of drinkware, writing instruments, notebooks, tech accessories, confectionery, and maybe wellbeing, you will have many of the main merchandise categories covered in no time.

Return on investment

Most of our employee welcome packs will cost £25 – £55 each. So, let’s take a look at the most effective branded merchandise items you could include.

How about one of our best sellers, a vacuum drink bottle, costing £7-11 1 with a one-colour print or engraving? An ideal addition to any employee welcome pack to promote wellness and hydration.

Next up, a notebook, costing between £4 and £6, perfect for your new-start who’ll have many notes to make. People still love branded notebooks and use them everywhere!

You can’t miss out a branded pen or pencil, a cheaper addition costing around £2. So portable and easy to have to hand, it’s another essential for your employee welcome pack.

We’re seeing a growing number of branded Bluetooth speakers or power banks in our employee welcome packs. Costing around £12 it’s an ideal addition if your team is based at home, or is required to be out on the road. A great way to make life easier in the digital age.

Branded sweets or chocolate are always a winner. Add some to your employee welcome pack for around £3-£5. Because who doesn’t love a treat?

A simple but essential addition to your employee welcome pack. A handwritten branded postcard, costing around £1.75 will ensure your recipient gets the right message from their employee welcome pack. Get off to a good start by communicating a message from management or your brand values.

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need a beautifully branded box or branded tote bag to hold your employee welcome pack together. Starting from £4, it’s an important addition to allow for an excellent unboxing experience.

We’ll Streamline it

Our minimum quantity for production is 50 units. If you’re struggling to find space or time to put merchandise packs together and send them out, then from 150 packs we’ll even Streamline will manage the fulfillment of your welcome boxes right from picking all the way to shipping, saving you time and money.

At this stage, it’s worth stepping back and thinking of what you want to gain from a well-curated employee welcome pack. The options really are endless. When you want your people to feel you care for them, you could even include well-being products such as anti-bacterial hand gel, a manicure set, or a stress ball.

If it’s for hybrid team members increasingly choosing to work from home, how about highlighter pens, sticky note sets, and other stationery items that may be scarcer at home than in the office. Even branded socks and hoodies for a more comfortable working experience are a popular addition.

How valuable is motivation?

And when you think of the fundamental motivators of staff, communication, having a challenge, recognition, boosting team spirit, increasing independence – there are branded merchandise products available for each of these motivation headings.

Streamline are here to make your employee welcome pack suit the needs of your recipients. The possibilities really are endless, with something to suit every budget. The cost of surprising your whole team with a merchandise pack might be around £25 to £55 once or twice a year, but the return on investment with a happy workforce, and new team members feeling immediately part of the wider team thanks to their employee welcome pack really is priceless. Start your employee welcome packs today, contact our experts.