Branded Gifts: 10 Ideas to Keep Your Clients Cool this Summer

Summer merchandise

It’s that time of year again- where we’re all sick to the back teeth of Winter. Sick of hats and gloves, over scraping our windscreens, and bored of winter boots. As soon as the sun starts to shine, people start dreaming of the Summer ahead. The BBQ gets wheeled out of the shed, the factor 50 from last year’s holiday appears,  parents reluctantly inflate paddling pools all over the UK, and at Streamline we get excited about seasonal branded gifts. All in a rather brisk 15°c. It might not always be as warm as we hoped, but you can’t fault us Brit’s optimistic spirit. We’ll have our Summer, whether it happens or not!

It’s just around the corner, and many of our clients agree that now is the time to start thinking about more than just your summer wardrobe. Have you ordered your team’s branded gifts in preparation for a summer packed with fun? Corporate merchandise that’s in keeping with the season is a good ‘hook’ and can benefit brands hugely. But, of course, it’s all about your brand’s personal story, and at Streamline, we’re well versed in finding unique branded merchandise for every brand. Check out our rundown of branded gifts, capable of keeping your clients and team cool this Summer.

Let the Countdown Begin

A practical branded gift for those moments when the cloud’s part. Bamboo Sunglasses, not only do they look good, but they offer a function too. After all, who wants to be squinting into those long sunsets, unable to see anything? Our sunglasses come in a classic ‘wayfarer’ style, not to mention they’re eco-friendly too. Made from bamboo rather than plastic, they’ll help your brand tell the right story.

We’ve got so much to look forward to this year- events are finally back on the agenda. So, if you’ve got an audience of event-goers, offer them something that they can make use of? A simple branded handheld fan can be the difference between uncomfortable and warm or cool and comfy.

Wheatstraw Bluetooth speakers are a great option for an outdoor event. Charge them up, and you’ve got a great-sounding way to keep the party going as long as you can sit outside.

If you’re looking for branded gifts that float everyone’s boat, how about a branded paddleboard? Paddleboarding has seen a massive surge in popularity over the various lockdowns. What better way to ensure your brand is reused over and over again? The sea’s the limit this Summer.

Of course, after a quick dip, you’re going to need to dry off. What better way to ensure your merchandise is used time and time again than with something as practical as a rPET beach towel.

Staying hydrated is always essential, but even more so in the heat. So, make it easy for your clients with branded water bottles that they can carry around and refill when they need to? We’ve got plenty of choices – from thermal bottles that keep your drink cool for hours to bottles made from recycled materials to branded water bottles that actively help clean up the ocean.

You could always choose some branded sliders. Convenient and easy to put on, plus highly comfortable, they’re a summer wardrobe must-have. So, why not print them with your logo and let your clients and staff take your brand wherever they go.

Don’t underestimate the power of a branded cool bag – perfect for summer picnics. An eco-friendly Jute cool bag is essential for ensuring food and drinks are at an optimum temperature. What’s better than an ice-cold drink on a summer’s day in the park, after all?

Are you hosting a Summer away day or BBQ? Let the fun times roll with a branded frisbee made from recycled plastic. What better way to keep your partygoers entertained without compromising on your green goals?

Of course, you could always just go for a branded umbrella…just in case! 

These are just a few ideas, but the only limit is how creative you’re willing to be. So have a look through our branded merchandise collections or get in touch with one of our experts to start collating your unique summer branded gifts today.