People and Brand Uniformity: The Benefits of branded clothing and Uniform

jacket with BCA automotive logo

The two most valuable assets any organisation has is its people and its brand. Your brand is important to your business and needs to be represented in a consistent manner across all channels of communication. One of these channels is a uniform.

In this blog I’m looking at the benefits branded clothing and uniform can bring to businesses as well as important considerations for designing your business uniform.

The benefits of branded clothing

There are many benefits to having a uniform or branded items of clothing:

  • The obvious one is that it promotes your business and raises awareness of your brand.
  • For some businesses, such as shops, it clearly lets customers know whom they need to approach for help and advice.
  • It’s also good for businesses where members of staff go to residential homes as it acts as a form of identification.
  • It looks professional and it gives those wearing the uniform a sense of being part of a team.
  • It negates the need for people to wear their own clothing at work.

Key considerations

When choosing a uniform there are some important considerations to ensure your brand maximises this opportunity. Here are some of my top tips:

  • Consider the positioning of the brand logo on the relevant items of clothing. Ensure that the logo is visible, clear and concise so that customers know exactly who you are. It will help to make your brand stand out.
  • Where uniform is concerned, it isn’t just about having your logo on the clothing, but also about the quality of the material, its finish and how this represents your business.
  • Quality  embroidery heat seal branding helps to give clear definition to your logo. 
  • Think about how the material meets the needs of the business and the activity it will be used for. For example, an organisation dealing with hard labour will have different workwear requirements to offices or shops.
  • Ensure that your brand is represented consistently across all outlets and communications.

Good quality, high-impact branding through branded clothing and uniforms form a coherent part of your marketing communications. For advice or discuss your requirements further please get in touch with our workwear experts, who will be happy to help.