The Power of an Incredible Unboxing Experience


The Phenomenon that is Unboxing

Receiving and unboxing a package is something that most people experience regularly. It is the fact that when considered, only makes the popularity of unboxing videos online all the more puzzling. However, from YouTube videos to Instagram stories and Tik-toks, some people literally make a living by opening branded gifts on screen.

If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon of unboxing videos, well, where have you been? Usually, they feature someone opening an item (which could be anything from a new skincare regime to the latest smartphone), unpacking it, and providing a live commentary/review of the experience. So simple but so effective. Perhaps, but we believe there’s more than meets the eye with these videos and just how popular they’ve become. 

Take this recent vlog featuring a branded employee starter pack from Google. A textbook example of unboxing. With over 14 thousand views at the time, I’m writing this; there’s clearly an allure in what’s happening that goes beyond simply finding out what’s in the box. Sparing no details, it’s a great example of the ceremony and experience that accompanies receiving something exciting in the post. There’s a palpable feeling and a spike in frenetic emotions in what has become an unboxing ritual. 

It’s this behaviour that big brands are well aware of too. Take Amazon, for example. Its rather plain, but instantly recognisable cardboard boxes took centre stage in this famous Christmas campaign, all about the joy of giving and receiving. It’s a premise based on understanding. Acknowledging that when we buy or receive something, it’s not simply another purchase or delivery. It’s a moment we want to savour. Those first minutes in a brand’s unboxing experience will shape our first impression. Forming lasting perceptions of whatever it is we’re buying, or whoever’s sent us the gift.

Investing in an Unboxing Experience to Remember

Unboxing is a big part of your brand experience and an excellent opportunity to make the right kind of first impression, forming the basis of a rock-solid foundation, for either a customer-supplier relationship or an employer-employee relationship. Sending your new-starts a box of branded goodies not only makes them feel special and welcome but helps put your brand on the map too. Sending your customers or prospects a box of useful branded swag can undoubtedly have the desired effect too. After all, when was the last time you forgot a gift you received?

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