What’s the ROI on Branded Merchandise?

Branded Merch ROI

If you’ve ever tried to get your marketing budget signed off by management, you’ll know that ROI- or Return on Investment- is usually the number one question on their lips. It’s understandable that anyone would want to know the real benefit before they invest any money or time for that matter. That’s why with a clear goal in mind, you’ll find that branded merchandise is a useful addition to your marketing plan.

Staff retention

Did you know 80% of staff feel they aren’t engaged in their job? It’s not an encouraging stat is it, and not one that any business can afford to sleep on. 

Last week we passed the second anniversary of the start of lockdown and I found myself reflecting on all that we’ve learned over the past two years. The pandemic not only taught us how vulnerable we are but, more importantly, it showed us just how resilient we can be. As companies went through various challenges from furlough to restructuring, working from home, and then returning to the office, one thing stands out more than most. The importance of our people.

Gifting your staff a Corporate Gift Box can go a long way. Not only is it a great way to say thank you, but a great way to make your whole team feel valued. I worked on a recent project where we included a handwritten note of appreciation from the CEO of one Financial Services firm, this was sent to all employees working from home. Something so simple can really mean so much. It certainly inspired me, and I only created the box for them!

It’s a small investment, yet a high-impact decision. One that will increase staff engagement, help with staff retention and really help promote your company’s culture.


We have clients that add a branded bar of chocolate to every order they send out, or a range of merchandise for their sales teams to send to their top-graded customers, a small token with great return. Branded merchandise for clients creates a strong brand impression and ensures they don’t forget you in a hurry.

There are four key ways you can build sales using branded merchandise. Draw attention to key brand messaging and USPs by printing them onto branded products. Dropship small gifts on a semi-frequent basis to the client’s home or work addresses. Send a gift with every order you ship, ensure your face-to-face sales team leaves merchandise at every sales appointment, and finally print a QR code or unique offer code onto the branded product to encourage repeat business.

Brand recognition

Perhaps the most subliminal of all marketing tools, regular interactions with a brand create loyalty, consistency and get you noticed.

They say you have to see a brand statement a total of seven times before it stays with you and gifting branded merchandise is a proven tactic to ensure your statement sticks. Give a client a useful branded travel adaptor that they use when they go on holiday, a candle for their home, or another useful gift and I guarantee that they’ll know what you stand for sooner rather than later.

At Streamline we’re passionate about Engaging People and Building Brands, we fit this tagline onto every product so we can to ensure our customers see it as frequently as possible.

Impressing prospects

Imagine telling your clients that the pen you give them is made in Germany, from a Carbon Neutral Factory that runs off power generated from the stream that runs behind the factory. Or that the branded notebook you give them is made from recycled coffee grounds.

These stories are unique and impressive and, again, you’re certainly not going to forget them in a hurry. What better way to get your prospect’s attention, and help convert a sale?

We can help you create a product with a great story that will impress your prospects, not only that, they’re likely to go on showing and telling the story to their circle of influence too. ROI is no doubt measured in different ways, but when it comes to our branded merchandise I know that with a good strategy it’s the ideal addition to your marketing mix. Results are driven by strategy, and there’s no doubt the right branded merchandise will help you reach your goals.

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