Connecting with People using Branded Merchandise

Are you looking for a good starting point for your next targeted marketing campaign? Thinking of items that people use regularly is a good start. A 2014 study showed that 96% of experienced marketers who had tried using promotional products said that they thought they were worth the money in increasing brand awareness. Promotional merchandise is a universal tool that works for every business. So, why not add such a useful weapon to your own marketing arsenal?

When it comes to popular branded merchandise, the most commonly used product is bags which make up 8.2% of the market, followed by pens and pencils at 6.8%. These are items that people use every day, in both their professional and personal areas of life, and by using that branded item, whether consciously or unconsciously, there exists a connection to that brand.

Event giveaways come next; items as diverse as desk-top essential oil diffusers and yoga mats, closely followed by mugs and eco-friendly drinkware. With the growing trend of on-the-go consumption (and the huge drive to reduce the use of plastic in general) it’s becoming obvious that we need a choice of drinkware options – be they recycled, 100% biodegradable, or with an extended shelf-life. The choice of material used to make promotional merchandise is ever-expanding and we’re increasingly seeing better ways beyond plastic.

Practical products

So, with so many options what’s the constant in all of this? People! People need and want practical products and these very products create opportunities for brands to place themselves front of mind. BPMA research shows that 92% of people believe that promotional merchandise increases awareness of a brand – that’s a pretty powerful statistic, don’t you think?

You can see why a hire desk might use a cap as a branded giveaway rather than a solicitor who might want to use a leather-look notebook, but the reason is the same; they have audiences and clients who use products that can act as a vehicle for their brand.

Real touchpoints

Yes, the use of internet shopping on the increase and everything from design to crowdfunding happens online. But this is only enriching the array of brand touchpoints that Marketing Managers are able to consider for their own marketing campaigns.

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