What is the average cost of a branded uniform?

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your team’s branded workwear. We know that every company’s needs are unique and you need a solution that suits your working environment. Thankfully we have clothing experts on hand ready to help you find a branded workwear uniform that’s uniquely tailored to your team’s needs while sticking within your budget.

Of course, there are thousands of options and it’s hard to narrow down without speaking to you first but we are often asked for ‘ball-park figures’ and there are some averages that can help us estimate the cost you can expect. 

Things to consider when selecting your team’s uniform can range from safety, to comfort to the working environment, to brand uniformity. One good place to start is walking through a day in the life of your team – what do they need? 

Key uniform garments

A polo shirt is the first garment many people think of but remember that’s usually one of the cheaper uniform pieces at £5 – £9 each. Corporate shirts & blouses are usually £14 – £22 with fleeces or softshell jackets ranging from £17 to £25. Trousers and skirts are £14 – £22 with boots or shoes approx. £25 – £35 per pair. Outerwear such as coats or bomber jackets including Hi-Vis variants will usually be £25 to £35.

Then there is the common question, how many of each branded uniform garment does my staff need to be able to wash them regularly and have them ready for their next shift? As an average, the table below shows a typical list of uniform products, how many of each are needed, and the resultant cost.

Are you prioritising keeping people safe?

There’s also the added safety uniform extras that your people might need – you’ll often get the best deal looking at these at the same time:

  • Bomber Jacket or Coat – One per person – £25-£35
  • Safety Helmet – One per person – £7-£10
  • Safety Gloves – Two pairs per person – £2-£4
  • Ear Defenders – Two pairs per person – £4-£8

Of course, we’re not showing the entire range of available products here, just the average band of most popular products and prices we tend to see clients using and it gives you a rough idea of what your brand may need to spend.

What quality should I choose?

When it comes to quality, we strongly urge you to think about the wearer’s comfort and how this can improve productivity. Uncomfortable clothing means unhappy staff and without question, they will be less productive. It also means you may need to replace uniforms quicker than you’d like, so often our clients choose quality over quantity,

With the huge worldwide drive for higher wages, the benefits of a well-fitting, fit-for-purpose uniform are quickly paid back in worker satisfaction, not to mention the pride and even mental health benefits of ensuring staff look and feel well kitted out.

What about specialist uniforms?

This article does not cover formal uniforms or suiting nor does it cover specialist garments such as fire-retardant garments, freezer wear, or premium garments for very hot or cold climates, but it’s a good place to start and our team are experts in every branded garment you might require.

For companies in construction, leisure, and manufacturing businesses, £112 – £172 will provide your team with a comfortable, fit-for-purpose uniform that makes them feel and look good and shows your brand at its best.

To start your bespoke branded uniform collection, contact our experts today.