5 ways Branded Merchandise enhances your people investment

As brand delivery experts we get asked what products are trending in the world of branded merchandise and clothing a lot! And whilst we could easily offer a comprehensive list of branded products that are trending, and happily tell you what other brands are buying, the question to ask yourself here is, “What is my brand looking to achieve by investing in a collection of branded merchandise or clothing?”. By asking yourself this question you’ll be choosing the right product and delivering the right message for your brand every time.

Value your people

Products that will help you thank your team for all their hard work, and help you show them how valuable they are tend to centre around gift packs. Our branded corporate gift boxes offer the excitement of an unboxing experience while providing your team with useful branded merchandise that’ll enhance their day-to-day. You can include everything, from beautifully branded boxes to deliver your gift in, to branded tissue paper to keep your branded gifts safe. It’s the little details that make your team think “Wow”, they’ve really put some time and effort into this.

And if you want to see how this is appreciated, check out what employees are saying on social media. Look on LinkedIn and search ‘new starter merchandise pack’ and you’ll see people are genuinely enthused about employers that are doing this well.

Making your team feel safe 

There’s one thing to kit your team in uniform but there’s another to ensure the uniform is fit for purpose. As members of the BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation), we understand the importance of safety first which is why we make sure all our uniforms comply with all regulatory standards. Our team has more than forty years of experience, when we call them experts we’re not overegging it. They really do know workwear, and they’re here to help you find everything you need.

Products that align to your company values

If sustainability is big for your organization, you show it by the eco-branded merchandise you use. If it’s wellbeing, there are hundreds of wellbeing products you can choose from that tell your people what your organisation stands for every single time they use your merchandise. If it’s speed, efficiency, care, family – almost any value you can think of, merchandise can be selected to fit with your value set and keep that front of mind for your team.

Ambassadorship and company pride 

When you believe your team is more than just workers, they’ll believe in your brand too. Gift them something branded and useful that they’ll feel lucky to receive and help grow yourself a team of brand ambassadors, proud to carry items that bear your brand. Choose items like a handy branded pen, good quality branded EarPods, or a smart Moleskine notebook that they’ll carry wherever they go.

Brand recognition 

Imagine you’re sitting on a plane and the girl next to you is drinking out of a water bottle which Streamline branded for a global gin brand (I’m sure there was water in there!) – A simple enough product yet one that looks great and is on-brand, from the Pantone matched colour to the brand message on the side. You’re sure to remember that brand and consider it the next time you fancy a drink. Make sure your branded products are used time and time again and ensure your brand is seen time and time again. 

Look beyond the products, and consider the emotions and actions you could spark by gifting your staff a really thoughtful and beautiful branded gift. Priceless reactions to tangible items are where Streamline can help your brand reach its goals. Contact our team today to talk about giving back to your people.