4 ways to build your Company Culture with Branded Clothing and Merchandise

There’s sometimes a feeling around branded clothing and merchandise that it’s nothing more than a logo on a mug or t-shirt, but the truth is it can be so much more than that. Branded Clothing and Merchandise is a great way to build your company’s culture. Branded products can help shape the way your employees feel about your business and are a great strategy to communicate your company’s culture and values, helping transform how your team thinks and feels about your brand. At Streamline we appreciate the power of good branded products and how they are more than just a vehicle for your brand.

Create a sense of belonging

When I get my coffee for the commute to work, I use my Streamline mug. On the train I open my Streamline notebook, other commuters see me in my Streamline jacket with our subtle wordmark on the arm. I feel like I’m part of the brand.  Going further than that, one of my clients, DHL, said to me recently; “when I’m working from home, there’s nothing on my desk other than my laptop that makes me feel like I’m working for DHL.” We want to help our clients change that and feel part of the business, no matter where they are working.


When I enter the work environment and we gather for our morning huddles, the rows of team members in Streamline uniforms show brand consistency. Various skill sets, personalities, and backgrounds remain with each individual, but we are one. One brand. I’m going through a stage of seeing BT vans on the road at the moment. Each driver is head to toe in a consistent uniform, each van is branded to perfection. So much so that I felt confident when they came to my house recently to install my broadband.

Subliminal messaging

We don’t just have a logo, for example, we have a slogan on our Streamline branded Thermal Bottles – “Rehydrate to Concentrate”. This was part of our wellness program and we used it to remind the team, that they should fill and drink this bottle at least twice a day to keep themselves hydrated and feeling good. Your branded clothing and merchandise are the vehicle you need to promote your brand to your team. Whether you’re encouraging them to stay healthy and hydrated, or encouraging them to go for a walk on their lunch with a branded waterproof jacket, these products all do more than displaying your brand. They tell your team that you care for their wellbeing.

Create a culture of giving

It’s not all take and no give. Studies show that feeling valued is a bigger motivator than increasing salaries. A quarterly desk drop or employee merchandise gift can create that feeling – one of being valued. I’m sure you’ll agree a valued team is priceless. From improving employee retention to increasing productivity, valued team members is the name of the game. A team that feels happy, valued, and works together in harmony is going to seamlessly allow for more efficiency and productivity.

If you’re looking to build your business and your brand you have to start somewhere. Your company values and culture are a great foundation. It’s not just about branded ‘stuff’, it’s about creating positivity and enjoyable moments. Gift some clever, intentional, and thoughtful branded clothing and merchandise and you can evoke positive feelings of happiness and delight that ultimately helps you communicate your brand’s values and mission.

Let’s start building your company culture today, contact one of our team to discuss your company’s branded clothing and merchandise.