Why you should consider a promotional tote bag

Tote bag with writing and image printed on it

The trusty promotional tote bag is one of the most popular, useful, and versatile products that we produce. Despite all the other bags you might have in your branded merchandise collection, a branded tote bag is something that gets used time and time again and never loses popularity. With a huge selection of materials, styles, sizes, and colours, the promotional tote bag offers both visibility and versatility. 

Here are our five reasons to say yes to the branded tote.

1. As bespoke as you like

Our bespoke manufactured tote bags can be cut to your direct specification in any shape, size, or colour. For example, we developed a bag for a prestigious cleaning company that wanted to improve the aesthetics and ease of carrying numerous cleaning buckets around with them. Out-of-the-bag thinking at its very best. It’s possible to have a tote bag made in nearly any size or shade. Choose your colours to suit your campaign, theme, or branding.

2. An eco-friendly option

As we all know, plastic is out of date. The flexibility of materials available these days means we can avoid using unsustainable, environmentally hazardous plastics and instead use an alternative like jute, organic cotton, or rPET. Our eco-experts can help you make the greenest choice for your brand, helping you choose a peace-of-mind product that ticks all of your eco-friendly boxes.

3. Long-lasting visibility

Branded tote bags are a surefire way to create brand awareness for your business. If you choose a tote bag you’ll ensure your brand is seen over and over again. Useful tote bags offer visibility and long-lasting brand awareness, from the commute to the weekly shop, it’s all eyes on your logo. An effortless addition to your latest marketing campaign and a highly effective promotional tool.

4. They’re useful

It might be stating the obvious, but what better piece of branded merchandise than a useful one. Choose a branded tote bag for your event, conference, or dinner and it can be filled with your other promotional items. I guarantee there will be far less wastage on your other branded giveaways if you provide your conference go-ers and delegates with a vehicle to carry everything home with them.

5. Longevity

If you’re anything like us, often you find you order too many branded products and end up with an extra stash in your Marketing department. Tote bags never go out of date, or style so if you do end up with too many, don’t worry, you can always take them to your next event or they’re good for internal giveaways too!

According to Sourcing City‘s Promotional Merchandise Industry Market Report 2016, promotional bags (in general) accounted for 12.4% of the Promotional Merchandise market.

For more information on our full branded bag selection why not get in touch with our experts today.