Employee Welcome Packs Made Simple

Welcome packs for new employees are an increasingly popular way to inject your company culture into an onboarding experience to remember for new team members. We can help you put together a branded tailor-made gift box, filled with custom products in beautiful packaging. With any number of options, it can be overwhelming, but not with Streamline’s help. Continue reading for a full run-down of Employee Welcome Packs made simple.

Also known as onboarding packs, welcome kits, and welcome boxes, employee welcome packs can be packed full of your choice of branded essential items and fun gifts and are an ideal way to help set your new starts up for their new role within your business.

Branded employee welcome packs help get team members acquainted with their new role and future workplace. You can send new hires a welcome pack before their start date to show them you are excited about their arrival. Or, give them a pleasant surprise on their first day at work by leaving an onboarding kit on their desks. With our help we can help you distribute an employee welcome pack just about anywhere, offering a direct-to-their-door service.

Welcome Pack Essentials

It is beneficial to start with the basics when building your employee welcome pack. Create a branded gift package complete with helpful information about your company, and include a selection of branded items that help embody your company culture. Branded welcome packs can help your new hire feel immediately valued and a part of your team. 

Employee Welcome Pack essentials include:

  • HR paperwork – All the important information your new start needs 
  • IT Hardware – Everything they need to get started
  • Security ID/tokens – Essential in every sense of the word

Merchandise to consider

When making your branded merchandise choice, we always find that giving your new employees practical items, that they’ll use on a daily basis, is the best start. It’s especially useful to include branded products that will help them complete their first tasks. Consider choosing a beautifully branded notebook and pen, a branded highlighter set, or a sticky note set can never go wrong.


Why not include thoughtful, customised options to give new employees a warm welcome. These items can speak volumes about your culture and show that you are excited about your new hire’s arrival. How about an individual welcome note from your MD or CEO, a personalised water bottle to promote a sense of personal well-being, a coffee tumbler that’ll help keep them alert in those early morning meetings, or a hoodie with your logo to keep them warm and comfortable.

New employee welcome packages serve a dual purpose. They give new hires the necessary resources for their job and help set the stage for a successful first day at work. Creating staff packs for your employees can also foster a real sense of belonging and unity, whether your teams are working from home or in the office an employee welcome pack offers clear benefits. Whether you’re looking to build staff morale, improve employee retention, improve productivity or positively influence your team’s first impression of your business employee gift packs can help your brand do that. 

No matter your end goal, Streamline is on hand to help you choose the perfect Employee Welcome Pack for your and your team. Contact our experts today to start designing your own bespoke gift box.