Quality over Quantity: Making the Best Use of Branded Merchandise

One of the many things we like to pride ourselves on is providing innovative and tailored solutions to our client’s briefs and to providing quality in everything that we do. When it comes to marketing it’s essential to have a strategic approach, knowing whom you want to target and what your objectives are. This is also essential when creating branded materials. As a client, you’ll want to achieve a good return on your investment, knowing that your money has been well spent on something that achieves your objectives.

Tailoring your branded material

As with all aspects of marketing, targeting is crucial and the world of branded and promotional materials is no different. Here are just a few examples of branded merchandise that can be tailored for your target markets.

Office culture

Spend some time in any office and you’re bound to see branded notebooks dotted around. Did you know that office supplies such as notebooks are amongst the top five most popular products?

The reason for the relentless popularity of these notebooks is that while we may turn to computers, tablets, and phones to text, tweet, and call, we reach for a notebook when we’re taking notes during an important phone call. There’s something very satisfying about putting pen to paper and the notebook shows no sign of being overshadowed by anything high-tech. It’s simple and sophisticated to promote your brand message or logo with embossed or digitally printed logos and straplines.

Bags of style and purpose

Tote bags remain one of our most requested branded merchandise products. Whether it’s a gift in itself or used as a handy way to give away multiple items, it’s a useful and popular choice. A fair few years ago now, we ran our successful Signature Bag campaign, which not only looked super-stylish but also raised money for a worthwhile charity. 

Launched during Clerkenwell Design Week, our Signature Bags celebrated British creativity and were produced in conjunction with four icons of British art and design. Fully lined and constructed from durable cotton canvas, each bag’s signature was meticulously embroidered at our Devon factory. The bags were of incredibly high quality and only 100 Limited Edition bags were produced to give them a sought-after feel for their recipients. We still quote on these bags for new clients, their look and versatility are timeless.

On-the-go gifts

For on-the-go execs, some of our latest products include an octopus multi-charger, which allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time, as well as allowing for different charging points. A Custom Powerbank is a useful and appreciated way to promote your brand. Or how about Bluetooth speakers and RFID backpacks, all of which can be branded to your requirements? 


Not so much an option anymore, eco-friendly branded merchandise is increasingly becoming the norm. From sourcing and manufacturing to production and delivery- every step of our supply chain is held to the highest standards of ethics, sustainability, and transparency. We are able to offer an exciting array of green branded merchandise and clothing that reduces your brand’s environmental impact, as well as putting your brand front and centre. From trendy thermal bottles that you can refill, reuse and recycle to branded desk plants, there are so many options for your brand.  If you’re ready to make the switch, give our experts a shout and they’ll be able to show you lots of interesting options, with great stories, and ethical supply chains.

Make the most of your investment in branded materials by choosing products that work for your objectives and brand. Choosing quality branded items, over more volume of cheap and generic branded is much more likely to elevate your brand to the next level. Forget cheap giveaways, choose a useful branded product that your target markets use and keep for years to come. Put your brand in the hands of those who matter most.

For more information about how we can help you perfectly target your next promotional campaign, get in touch.