5 Summer Workwear Essentials

As the warmer weather comes around it’s never been a more opportune time to talk about Summer Workwear Essentials. At Streamline we know how important it is to stay safe with the right PPE and workwear for the season. As the Summer weather hots up, especially with the heatwaves we’ve been experiencing in the UK, higher temperatures can cause discomfort and at worst put people at risk, especially if your job role involves a great deal of protective gear. 

The temptation to strip yourself of PPE and essential protective workwear is always higher in warmer weather, putting your workforce at risk. Make sure you’re providing them with workwear that keeps them cool and therefore continues to keep them protected.

Get equipped for hot weather

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and it’s crucial to ensure they’re comfortable and safe no matter the temperature. In this blog, we’ll run through our Top 5 Summer Workwear Essentials to consider for your own uniforms and workwear.

1. Multifunctional Combat Shorts

An obvious choice as the Summer weather hots up shorts are sure to keep your team cool while still staying on brand and looking smart. These shorts feature triple stitched seams with a lifetime warranty, as well as multiple pockets. They’re also made from 65% recycled fabric, making them a great eco-friendly option.

2. CoolVis Hi-vis t-shirt

Reflective clothing is perfect for the heat and this lightweight T-shirt is made from Wicking Coolmax fabric that absorbs moisture and channels it away from the body, it has UV protection, and is segmented high-vis takes that allow for better freedom of movement. It has UV Protection up UPF 40+ and meets EN 13758-2 certification.

3. Essential Accessories

There are a number of accessories options for keeping your team protected in warmer weather. Safety Spectacles with UV Protection are one option. CE Certified with 99% UV Protection, these safety glasses are an absolute must-have in sunnier weather. Another easy addition to your workwear collection is a Cooling Crown Neck Shade. This simple but effective accessory will keep staff who work outside protected and comfortable when in direct sunlight. Offering neck protection it’s lightweight and comfortable for added protection against UV rays. Compatible with most helmets, this neck protection keeps the wearer cool for up to eight hours. While these are just a couple of options, speak to our experts for more Summer PPE and accessories to help you keep cool.

4. CoolViz Sleeved T-shirt

A perfect addition to your workwear kit this Summer, this t-shirt includes long sleeves for extra sun protection, and is made from fabric offering UV Protection up to UF 40+. It has a generous fit with improved breathability and mesh ventilated under-arms to keep you as cool as possible when temperatures rise.

5. Hi-Vis Shorts

These durable shorts will keep you seen and cool at the same time. They comply with EN ISO 20471 standard and are CE Certified. They have a modern fit for extra comfort and are made from lightweight fabric with flexible Hi VisTex Pro reflective tape for increased visibility. A hot weather essential for those working on location leaving them vulnerable to sun exposure.

Staying Safe and Comfortable

Aside from ensuring your staff is equipped with everything they need to keep cool in warmer weather, there are lots of other ways to keep safe and protected this Summer. Prevent overheating with regularly scheduled breaks from work to cool down. Make sure there’s plenty of water to hand and stay hydrated- a thermal bottle will keep liquids cool for 48 hours and can be branded too! Knowledge is power- make sure your team knows what to look out for when it comes to signs of dehydration or ill health. Raise the alarm and stop work immediately in times of distress.

For further advice on Summer PPE and Workwear that is useful and appropriate for your workforce, contact our team of experts today.