How To Do Festive Gifting Well in 2022

With the festive season fast approaching, there has never been a better time to start planning a memorable and thoughtful Corporate Christmas gift as a thank you to mark the end of a productive year.

So, what could you achieve with a Corporate Christmas Gift?

Corporate Christmas gifting is sending someone a gift from your business. Your lucky gift recipient could be a client, customer, employee, supplier, or prospect. ​Sometimes you’ll send a corporate gift just because, but other popular reasons to send them include: Festive or end-of-year gifts. 

Corporate Christmas gifts don’t have to be big or grand. They can be as simple as sending a gift hamper to welcome them to your business family or sending an employee a thank you gift after a year of great work. 

Corporate Christmas gifts are a fun way to say thank you to the people who help your business thrive. But they’re also great for your business strategy — here’s how.

  • Build lasting relationships with your clients
  • Encourage Prospects to become customers
  • Motivate and delight your Team

Corporate gifting isn’t just for your clients. Your employees are your most valuable asset — take care of them with a generous and heartfelt gift that makes them feel truly valued.

Take some inspiration from our Top 5 festive gift suggestions for 2022:

1. Luxury Hampers

Luxury gift hampers have long been a popular corporate gift idea. They combine that high-quality feel with the freedom to curate a hamper or a gift basket filled with the recipient’s favorite items or products from your local area.

2. Wellness Boxes

With so many of us balancing working from home, wellness gift boxes have become popular corporate gifts. Inside you’ll find items to help your giftee focus, find balance, and work on their wellness — like tea, positivity cards, a tumbler, and a candle.

3. Personalised Stationery

It’s always fun to receive a personalised gift, and stationery is a great option for corporate gifts. Many gifting companies will create a series of notebooks, pens, or pencils that are personalized with your client’s business or personal name. This customisation makes for fun, bespoke, unique gifts for clients and employees.

4. Sweet Treats

Something everyone loves to receive, branded sweet treats can be a welcome gift to deliver and receive. From classic brownies to more retro sweets the opportunities are endless. You can choose eco-friendly packaging and easily add your own branding or subtle messaging to mark the occasion.

5. Bespoke Socks

We have seen huge popularity in the trusty sock in the past few years with several clients creating a bespoke design as part of a yearly collection. Socks are a great fun festive gift option and are guaranteed to make both clients and staff smile. They can even begin a collection when receiving the coveted sock design of the year. 

Rediscovering festive traditions

This year has a greater sense of anticipation than others, as the much-needed normality of this time of year returns. Rediscovering festive traditions, thanking staff for their efforts, and acknowledging clients and their businesses. 

We know you’re tired of sending business gifts destined for the dusty corners of desks and cupboards, guarantee we can help you come up with some really memorable gift ideas with enough originality and thoughtfulness to become loved possessions or treasured memories. 

For more inspiration check out our corporate gift boxes web page or contact our experts to talk about your own gift ideas.