Employee Engagement: How Invested is Your Team?

It’s a good question, but one that we all know the answer to. VERY! Did you know that 36% of businesses see employee engagement as a top challenge? Moreover, organisations with high engagement outperform those with low staff engagement by 202%.

The statistics speak for themselves, and anyone who works in a business knows and understands the importance of an engaged workforce. Not only in retaining team members but in helping the whole business reach its goals. Sales, profit, business development, and even personal development are all affected and influenced by how strongly individuals believe in what you as a business are trying to achieve. 

6 Key Statistics on Employee Engagement

It may shock you to read some of these statistics, it’s a stark reminder of the importance of working on your employee engagement strategy. It’s not something that can be improved overnight, and it’s something that takes constant work but a little bit of thought goes a long way.

  • A disengaged member of the workforce costs companies between £3,400 to £10,000 annually.
  • 73% of UK employees are happy with their work.
  • 55% of workers agree that they are more engaged when their work is recognised.
  • When it comes to employee engagement, the UK has a rate of just 50%.
  • Employees are 17% more engaged if they can participate in their company’s feedback programme.
  • Mindful and happy staff are 12% more productive.

How Can You Increase Your Team’s Buy-In?

Simply put, employee engagement is the level at which your team is committed to your business’s values and goals. Every organisation needs motivated and satisfied workers to live and breathe their culture. However, it isn’t a sentiment that is attainable overnight, and it’s something you’re going to have to nurture and revisit. 

Workers who aren’t invested are more likely to take sick days. Moreover, workforce engagement and productivity statistics show those who are disengaged are often late and less productive. One size will truly never fit all, and at Streamline, we have several ideas that will help your brand engage its people and reach your business’s goals, including with the help of some clever branded products.

1. Corporate Gift Boxes

Recognition of hard work is a key driver in employee engagement. Imagine a tailor-made branded gift box, unique to you and your brand. We can help collate the perfect selection of products to help you deliver a truly unbeatable ‘thank you’ for your team. You can customise everything from the selection of your products to the designs we print on them to the design and detailing of the packaging. What better way to make your team feel special?

2. Employee Away Days

There are many benefits to a company away day – both professionally and personally. The day can be used as a reward for hard work. A team that feels appreciated is a happy team. Changing the environment and getting out of the office to something fun and creative is a great mood booster.

2. Uniforms Tailored to your Job Role

Engage your people and compliment your brand. Streamline is dedicated to getting branded clothing and workwear just right. High-quality, functional corporate clothing that suits your brand and delights your people is an important jigsaw piece in your employee engagement puzzle.

4. New Starter Welcome Packs

Make the best first impression with an employee welcome pack. Welcome packs for new employees are an increasingly popular way to inject your company culture into an onboarding experience to remember for new team members. Include everything they need to hit the ground running in their new role, and make them feel special and valued at the same time.

5. Personal Development Strategy

A personal development strategy is a great way to improve your team’s focus and give them something tangible to work towards. Make personal development a priority and employee engagement will come naturally, improving your employee retention and helping your business reach its goals at the same time. 60% of workers are more likely to stay engaged when they believe their job gives them opportunities to learn and develop.

Improve your Employee Engagement

Besides the pure satisfaction of knowing your employees are happy, being mindful of how invested your employees are has many other important upsides. Experts find a correlation between engagement and productivity, and research shows that engaged employees can boost productivity by around 40%. It feels like a no-brainer to spend some time working on your employee engagement and watch the benefits roll in. 

To find out how Streamline can help improve your employee engagement scores contact our team of experts today.