Safety Boots that Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

I imagine if your business sources branded workwear and safety wear to keep your workforce safe that you likely buy a lot of safety footwear too. With more focus being placed on sustainability we’re all being tasked with reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

A recent survey by the UN showed that 80% of people in the UK consider climate change to be a global emergency. One way that you could help is by choosing carbon-neutral Safety Footwear.

Safety Boots that leave no Footprint

Did you know that footwear manufacturers worldwide produced 23.3 billion pairs of footwear in 2018? That’s a lot of footwear! And it also means a lot of carbon dioxide emissions, be it from the manufacturing process or through the sourcing of the required raw materials.

Our suppliers are working hard to reduce their carbon footprints, and Streamline is always looking at our supply chain and working to improve our eco credentials. We have recently added carbon neutral safety footwear to our range, an excellent way to tick one of your business’s green boxes.

First and foremost it’s essential that your team’s safety footwear keeps them safe, as well as shows your commitment to sustainability. These carbon-neutral safety boots offer complete protection with minimal environmental impact.

3 Key Steps to Carbon Neutral Safety Footwear

1- Production has been moved from Asia to Europe, meaning a massive reduction in shipping mileage and therefore a huge reduction in emissions. Whilst Asia has an amazing production capacity and advanced manufacturing processes, the proximity to the UK means you’re immediately on the back foot (excuse the pun) in terms of your carbon emissions. Moving production closer to Europe means an immediate reduction in emissions.

2- Safety boots that are built to last- our carbon neutral range is made using the highest quality materials, while cheaper alternatives may need to be replaced sooner, thus using more of the planet’s resources, these boots will last and protect your feet for much longer.

3- Our supplier is always working on streamlining manufacturing processes to achieve a greener safety footwear option, but in the meantime, they also compensate with carbon offset projects. This is achieved through a range of life-changing community projects across the world, helping to protect and rejuvenate the land and create cleaner and greener energy.

Minimal carbon impact, Maximum comfort, and safety

Choosing carbon-neutral safety footwear doesn’t mean compromising on comfort and crucially safety. Our carbon-neutral range provides excellent waterproofing thanks to V-Dri technology, designed to keep feet dry but cool at the same time. Comfort is key and the insoles of these safety boots are crafted with advanced open cell material which maintains its shape for longer, meaning comfort lasts longer. Each boot comes with ‘IGS’- Intelligent Grip System- an innovative sole design that provides industry-leading slip prevention. 

Finally, these carbon-neutral safety boots include an anti-penetration midsole and long-lasting composite toe caps which offer maximum protection- top of the list when it comes to keeping your team safe at work.

It’s time to go green

With more and more options for sustainable workwear and safety wear, it’s never been easier to make an eco-friendly choice. If you’re interested in lowering your carbon footprint with greener workwear or carbon-neutral safety footwear, arrange a call with our experts today and find out more.