5 Branded Tech Products to Update Your Merchandise Collection

From the first colour TV broadcast by the BBC in 1968 to the release of the Sony Walkman in 1979, the Apple iPod in 2001, and the Smartphones that followed technology is forever evolving and improving, making our lives easier, more responsive, and faster than ever before. We now live in a 24/7 global society where our devices sync automatically, our documents live on a cloud and we can access our emails at any time, anywhere in the world. 

Albert Einstein famously said; “The human spirit must prevail over technology”, but one thing is for sure, technology won’t stop progressing. So in this blog, I’m taking a look at some of the new tech products we’re all falling in love with, whether they improve our work life, and health, or are just great fun.

Wireless Chargers

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your phone runs out of battery and inevitably this happens at the worst possible time. So it’s no surprise that wireless chargers are one of our most popular products. They can help extend the life of your phone’s battery and come in many attractive design options for home offices or office desks. They’re a great way to make our lives easier and mean that our access to everyday technology keeps going.

Bamboo Cup Warmer

Made from sustainable bamboo this handy gadget keeps your coffee or tea from going cold, no matter how long you get caught up on busy Zoom calls. With a non-slip base to prevent any unfortunate spills, it’s a great gift for your hybrid workforce or to thank your busy clients.

Branded Earbuds

2 branded wireless earbuds resting on plinths.

Branded headphones are a brilliant merchandise option, guaranteed to motivate staff, improve productivity, and allow your customers to stay connected throughout the day.

Brand them with your logo and no matter where your team member or client is, from the school run to commuting to work to at the gym, they will take your brand with them. Another advantage of branded earbuds is that they’re small enough to post out in direct mail campaigns or to hand out at event giveaways.

Wireless Speaker

You can’t go far wrong with a wireless speaker. It’s a popular gift and one that stands the test of time. Help your team stay focused in their home office with the help of some background music and show them how much you appreciate them with a gift they’ll use for years to come.

Speedy Charger

A very handy tech product is the speedy charger, especially if you have numerous devices to keep charged and in working order. Charging your devices up to four times as fast as a standard USB this one is an ideal addition to your brand’s merchandise collection.

Branded Merchandise products are always evolving and there’s even an amazing range of eco-friendly and sustainable tech products on the market so you can gift tech while helping the environment too. From wheat straw to recycled plastic to plant fibre, tech no longer has to mean plastic waste.

We’re all watching this space to see what gadgets and gizmos come on the market next, but in the meantime contact our team to talk about starting a collection of your own branded tech products.