Freshers to Graduates: Our Top 5 Pieces of University Merchandise

Taking the leap of going to university is one of the biggest moves a person will make in their life. It’s an exciting and formative time in every student’s life and one that they likely won’t want to forget.

There’s also a certain level of pride in accepting a place at the university of choice. Whether a student wants to show their friends back home that they’ve made it or take a reminder home after they’ve graduated, branded university merchandise plays an important role in marking a student’s time in higher education.

As suppliers to some of the most prestigious universities across the UK, we know our university merchandise. From branded clothing to the cutest plush toys, we provide a host of beautifully branded products.

1. University-Branded Teddy Bears

These timeless classic branded gifts are the perfect graduation gift to commemorate a student’s time at university. Popular amongst waving goodbye to uni life, they can come dressed in graduation robes or printed t-shirts bearing your university’s logo.

2. University Hoodies

You can’t go wrong with university hoodies. Students proudly wearing a hoody, t-shirt, or even a tie with their universities name is an age-old tradition and one that grows in popularity every year. You can make it an eco-friendly choice with an organic cotton hoodie and choose from a massive array of colours making sure to please everyone’s tastes. 

We work with universities to focus on retail fashion trends helping to ensure that students will want to wear and re-wear their university jumpers. For example, the standard “crest to front left” can be swapped for cool sleeve printing, 3D print decals, and even garment etching to bring new life to ‘classic’ university-branded clothing.

3. University Tote bags

One of Streamline’s most popular products is the tote bag. Their useability, durability, and versatility mean they can’t go wrong as an item of university merchandise. From cotton to jute to recycled rPET, there are options to suit everyone’s needs, and they have the option to be made from sustainable materials too. Branded tote bags are also an excellent marketing strategy – with students becoming a walking advertisement.

We can help make your design as desirable as Louis Vuitton’s orange carrier bag (or at least we can try!). Think about coloured handles, repeat designs, subtle branding, inside pockets, or custom shapes. The opportunities really are endless. You want to be able to tell that it’s your university’s tote bag just by looking at it.

4. University Mugs

An oldie but a goodie- the Branded University Mug is versatile in its branding. And with lots of colour options, a branded mug is a great product and an essential university item. So whether it’s for students still at university, those graduating who want a keepsake, or past students needing some nostalgia, the trusty mugs ticks all the boxes.

5. University Certificate Holders

A safe place for students to store their degree certificates- and don’t forget to pose with on their graduation day- branded certificate holders are one of our most popular products. They’re a must-have for any university shop and will prove a popular seller.

At Streamline, we work with a whole host of Universities across the UK to create memorable and interesting branded merchandise to delight and inspire their students and allow them to have a permanent and timely reminder of their time at University.

Do you work in procurement for a university and are you looking to overhaul your university’s branded merchandise? Contact our merchandise and clothing experts today and let us bring you some inspiration.