3 Ways Branded Merchandise Can Help Your Business Achieve its Goals in 2023

Have you thought about ordering your branded merchandise for next year? As we approach the final few months of the year many companies are considering what to do for next year and beyond. With targets being set and new parameters being put in place, now is the time to start planning ahead for your brand.

Perhaps you are working on a strategy to improve employee engagement and staff retention, hoping to boost your employee’s well-being for the new year, or embarking on a new recruitment initiative. In this blog, we consider how branded merchandise could help you achieve your 2023 goals.

1. Staff Retention

One of the biggest worries for a lot of businesses at present is staff retention. Happy, productive employees are the name of the game. The job market is flying, meaning staff members are moving on at a time when recruitment is increasingly hard too. As you work through your employee retention strategy for 2023, have you considered a fun and unique way to reward your employees? Branded swag bags or tailored corporate gift boxes enhance your employee’s experience and beyond that reminds them how much they are valued as a part of your team and the company as a whole. 

You could include a branded water bottle, a classic coffee mug, and some sweet treats – what may seem like a small gesture goes a long way to improving your employee retention in the long run.

2. Employee Wellbeing

Workplace mental health and well-being are common themes for many people and businesses as we enter a new year. Tied closely to employee retention, employee well-being is something that is well worth your investment. It’s not always enough to just suggest the best ways to improve your team’s physical and mental well-being, often a tangible investment is required. Whether you’re able to offer discounted gym memberships or encourage walking meetings there are lots of ideas to foster a sense of well-being among your workforce. 

One way that some of our clients give their employees some ‘well-being boxes’ filled with gifts that help their colleagues tackle the stresses of everyday life and encourage them to indulge in some relaxation. A box of tea bags to encourage them to take a break, a face mask to encourage good sleep, or a box of affirmation cards are just a few ideas.

If your employees are feeling well, they are happier in themselves and importantly they’re more productive too.

3. Recruitment & New Start Strategy

With the job market being as competitive as it is you need more than a high salary and benefits package to stand out from the crowd these days. One way to encourage people to take a job with your brand, and make them feel immediately part of the team is with a welcome pack sent to their homes before they start work.

A new starter pack creates a great first impression for someone just joining your business and welcomes them in an encouraging and motivational way. It’s also great for delivering your brand’s key messages and company values. 

There are so many exciting product options for new starter packs, you really can be as creative as you like. You could include a cosy branded hoodie, some quirky socks, or a useful tote bag. It’s also a great way to let them know your company’s green goals by choosing an eco-friendly selection. 

Plan ahead for 2023

With the end of the year fast approaching it is the perfect time to plan for next year and get ahead of the game. Start the process of selecting the branded merchandise that will help your business reach its goals today and ensure you have everything in place to help you meet your business goals in 2023.

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