4 Branded Essentials to Include in Corporate Gift Packs

Branded corporate gifts are an essential addition to your marketing toolbox. They are a great way of showing your employees and clients how valued and respected they are, especially after the unsettling global events of the past few years. 

Whether it’s a branded personalised notebook or a branded Bluetooth headset to make regular zoom meetings go with ease, branded corporate gifts are the ideal way to show the recipient how much you appreciate them.

There are a million options for branded corporate gifts, so we know choosing something memorable can be a daunting task. In this blog, we have pulled together some key options to really wow and turn the heads of your recipients.

1- Branded Stationery

When I asked my colleagues how they felt about a recent branded notebook and pen they received, they all really rated it and felt grateful for the gift. Simple but effective, there is something special about receiving a new branded notebook that although not groundbreaking is sure to put you at the forefront of your colleague’s or clients’ minds.

When it comes to clients or even prospects getting your brand on your client’s desks can be a challenge. With clever branded gifts you can give them a daily reminder about your company and stationery is an ideal way to do this. For employees or colleagues as well as your logo, you could include your company values, and it can act as a regular reminder of your brand’s values or mission.  

With so many options it’s important to consider how the recipient will feel on receiving said item. What is it made from? Is it sustainable? Does it have an interesting origin story? Pick something different and it can be a real conversation starter.

2- Branded Drinkware

Drinkware items are one of our most popular branded products. It could be a mug for that important caffeine hit in the morning or a water bottle to encourage the recipient to stay hydrated. Useful branded products that people will use regularly and therefore your brand becomes part of their routine are an excellent corporate gift option.

As with stationery, lots of companies send these to their staff or clients so you need to make sure yours stands out. Consider the style of drinkware and what people like. Can it be put through a dishwasher and is it handy to use in the car or on the way to the office?  How you choose to brand it is also important and the practicalities of any additional messaging and how they will be seen when the drinkware is in use must also be considered. 

3- Branded Tech

Technology is such a big part of our work and home lives, there’s no escaping how vital it is in our day-to-day lives. Some gadgets can be incredibly helpful and, more importantly, are often products that many people wouldn’t think to buy themselves, so they’ll really appreciate your gift.

It is always worthwhile considering what you find yourself using or needing most. Things like wireless charging pads or power banks help the recipient out when they suddenly find themselves with 2% battery and an important client call to make. With your logo on the gadget, they start to associate your company with helping them out of a difficult situation.

Technology can be more of an investment, and new products do appear on the market every month. However, finding some key really useful ones which work with multiple devices can make them become essential items and often requested by employees or clients as simply so practical and useful to have to hand.

4- Branded Wellbeing Gifts

With many companies adopting wellness at work schemes, providing staff with branded wellbeing gifts to encourage self-care can reinforce this message and show you’re serious about their well-being. They then feel more valued which leads to increased company loyalty.

You could send a branded eye mask to help them get a good night’s sleep or a branded pedometer to encourage them to get out for a walk in the fresh air. You want the user to associate your brand with a positive experience as they’ll then think more positively about your company.

There is nothing worse than not having appropriate corporate gifts available for client meetings and activities or new members of the team joining a business. Here at Streamline, we can help ensure you never run out by producing bespoke online stores that track the corporate gifts you have in stock or curate the items needed for onboarding packs or celebration gifts for the team. It is a service we are proud to offer as we know how hard it is to manage especially in companies of significant size. 

Would you like to learn more? Contact us today and discuss how an online store would assist your business but also one with the right corporate gifts featured to ensure your business is one step ahead of competitors and ready for the coming year.