6 Reasons Why You Should Never Just Put ‘Your Logo Here’

If you came to find this blog by searching for branded merchandise, firstly, welcome. Secondly, how was your journey here? 

Has it been full of search results claiming cheap, effective, but slightly ambiguous options that simply print ‘your logo here’ on any given item and ship them off without much as a word of human contact? 

Ah. Unfortunately, this experience is an all too common occurrence in our industry. There are, of course, instances where timing is tight, meaning that quick logo printing feels like the only option. 

However, we don’t just print logos on products here at Streamline. Instead, we like to put our 40+ years of accumulated knowledge to work and give proper consideration to each job that comes through the door – and here’s why.

1. What do you want to achieve?

Every effective marketing plan needs a clear-cut purpose or a vision to steer the operation. Your campaign will have moving parts beyond branded materials, but it needs a solid rationale to get everything working in synergy. A compass. 

So, what is it you want to achieve from your campaign? 

  • Emotionally connect with your target market? 
  • Reinforce a particular message? 
  • Engage with your customers in a certain way.
  • Attract new customers or recruits?

Although some providers attract clients by offering a slap-dash ‘your logo here’ approach, the questions above factor into the purpose and, therefore, the impact of your campaign. Consequently, they shouldn’t be ignored, especially regarding branded merchandise. 

If you rush this with simple logo printing, you could miss out on something that could elevate your marketing campaign above the rest. Your supplier should be happy to consult on the purpose of what you’re doing and how you’ll measure success before any work takes place. 

2. Is usability important?

Merchandise with functional features is fantastic because it has a much higher chance of being kept by the recipient. Recently we’ve seen an uplift in portable power banks and thermal bottles. 

This shows that lifestyle products offering more than simply an item with a printed logo are a great way of keeping a presence with the people that matter. 

To take this further, you could create a suite of items that all work together. For example, if your audience consists mainly of people who tend to be on the go a lot, items that play on that idea of travel (power banks, adaptors, travel mugs) would make for a particularly impactful bundle. 

3. What about Quality?

Keeping standards high is something that makes a difference on so many levels. You should insist on it when buying branded merchandise as it will translate right down the line to your audience and, ultimately, your brand reputation. 

Many businesses who opt for the ‘your logo here’ approach fall into the trap of going for gimmicky, cheap, high-volume goods intended to make a big splash. This ‘bigger/louder’ way of thinking can work, but we strongly recommend higher-quality products for a deeper, more meaningful effect. 

Receiving something where the craft and quality are apparent speaks volumes about how much you value your audience. 

Here are a few thought-provoking examples:

  • Forget plastic pens and try a laser-engraved pen
  • Leave plastic water bottles and try a vacuum bottle
  • T-shirts are good, but what about a bespoke hoodie?
  • Instead of a tote bag, consider a Jute shopping bag

4. Who is the audience?

It’s not surprising that attracting students to a university at a recruitment fair needs different products from rewarding executives for attending an event.

Being specific about your audience’s demographics will help ensure your merchandise is loved, looked after, and talked about. Otherwise, it will simply be ‘another of these’ branded products with basic logo printing that looks similar to other firms like yours.

5. What do you want them to feel?

Is the aim to make the people who receive your merchandise feel valued, inspired, or thanked? Or are they buying this from your retail shop or website to make them feel part of University alumni or retain a memory of a hotel or sporting event?

6. What do you want people to do?

Suppose you simply want them to feel reassured about your company and brand. In that case, you will have done that by thinking about the audience, opting for the highest quality you have budgeted for, and putting a usable/practical product in their hands.

So next time you see the phrase ‘your logo here’ or similar, take a second to consider your options before sending off those artwork files!

To create a suite of genuinely impactful branded products for your 2023 marketing campaigns, contact us.