What Sets Us Apart from Other Branded Merchandise Suppliers?

The Streamline Service Process in 6 Steps

Streamline proudly do things a little differently than other branded merchandise suppliers. Our Service Process ensures that once each of our clients or prospective clients is onboarded, they receive a custom service from a team of experts. In this blog, we talk through what sets us apart from other branded merchandise suppliers.

We detest the ‘choose what you want and let us know’ idea because clients tell us they want to know what’s cool, what’s trending, and what works based on our expertise.

And marketing professionals are bombarded with thousands of ideas, but how do you rationalise the thick catalogues or seemingly endless web pages? And how do you even know what people want these days?

The answer is to speak to an expert, and our process starts with a meeting.

For more than 40 years, we’ve solved our client’s merchandise supply and delivery problems. Providing a service to our valued clients that we are proud of. 

Keep reading to learn how our service sets us apart from other branded merchandise suppliers.

Customer Service the Streamline Way

Our six-step Service Process revolves around our clients and their needs.

1- Initial Consultation 

2- Project Qualification

3- Discovery 

4- Demonstration

5- Client Approval

6- Fulfillment

Initial Consultation & Project Qualification

After your initial inquiry, where we’ll have a brief call to discuss your needs and wants our first port of call is to qualify it and ensure we can provide the service you deserve in the turnaround time you need. We understand that deadlines can be tight and budgets can be tighter, so we won’t waste your time if it’s a request we’re unable to fulfil.


Once your request is qualified, the next step is to gather as much information about your project as possible. This is where we meet in person or via Zoom and dive deeper into your brand’s goal. For example, what problems are you trying to solve, what is your budget, your deadline, and will there be further projects in the future? 

We call this the ‘Discovery’ stage. Key to this stage is knowing what contacts will be involved and can Streamline service the needs of each person. As a result, we ensure we have our best people for your project, who know your industry and challenges to serve you best.


The next stage is Demonstration. Our marketing and graphic design team get involved at this point in the Streamline Service Process. We take your ideas, needs, and wants and turn them into a bespoke product proposal. We take your brand guidelines and present product visuals and innovative ideas for you and your team to deliberate over.

In this stage, we also present more information about Streamline, how we work and what comes next. Ideally, we would present your proposal in person so that there’s the opportunity for you to see product samples in real life, but this can also be done with the help of a video call. This is the time to ensure that Streamline is the right branded merchandise supplier for you and that you’re happy we have met your brief.

Client Approval

Next up is the quote stage. Once you’re confident and happy with your product choices, logistics, and delivery times, we will give you a final quote for your order. Again, working closely with you to ensure we’re meeting your budget demands. When you’re happy and the project is approved, it is time to move forward to the final stage.


Last but certainly not least is the fulfilment stage. Once we have your project’s sign-off and approval, we enter the planning stage. We assign a dedicated Account Executive to manage the production of your branded products. From here, your dedicated Account Executive will ensure timelines are in place for online Webshop build, bringing products into stock, and creating a scaleable model for your project.

Streamline make the complex easy. We excel when there’s a need for stockholding, multiple users, many delivery locations and product lines, complex product sourcing, and international shipping. If you need 100 pens, that’s not Streamline, but we’ll certainly recommend other branded merchandise suppliers. If you need products coordinated, on brand, around the world. Let’s Streamline it together.