How to Streamline your Branded Merchandise & Clothing Stock and Distribution Management

One of Streamline’s USPs is our ability to offer a fully managed service for your branded merchandise and clothing. From choosing the perfect products to distribution and stock management, we’ve got you covered.

I’ll start with a story of a business meeting I recently attended in London. I sat nervously in their huge boardroom. I was meeting an events manager that clearly had the busiest schedule in the world. Her small team manages 150 events a year. Typical of many of the projects we get involved in, after describing all her challenges getting products to the right event, on time and without damage, she leaned forward and said:

“We just need to Streamline it”

I laughed, many of our clients say it and at Streamline we’re well-versed in Streamlining it. That’s why our first ‘company unique’ is: “Brand Delivery Specialists”.

That’s just a little bit of storytime but, on with the ins and outs of how you can manage your merchandise stock and distribution more effectively (across borders, super important since Brexit) and without hassle.

How we can Streamline it for you

Stockholding Onsite
Storage and distribution are one of the biggest challenges big brands face when it comes to merchandise stock management. Working with a supplier who has their own onsite storage and warehousing means you can buy in bulk and save some of your often stretched budgets.

Dedicated Account Manager
When you have a busy diary the last thing you want to be doing is the admin around your merchandise management. With a Streamline dedicated account manager, you can save time and stress by delegating the management of department requests.

Stockholding Management and Technology
With a bespoke online portal, you have easy access to live stock and order reports whenever you need them. You can easily manage your stock levels and take away the stress of multiple requests from your users with individual logins and ordering. You can also integrate cost codes and POs meaning you’re not the middleman between your merchandise supplier and your finance team.

Delivery Frameworks
Sustainability is at the top of everyone’s list, including Streamline. A reliable delivery partner that shows commitment to reducing delivery CO2 means you can be comfortable knowing they’re helping you meet your brand’s green goals.
For Streamline this includes sourcing less than 5% of products from China to avoid and we strive to ensure one-third of all UK deliveries are made with carbon-neutral transport.

Set up a Quarterly Business Review
Reviewing your setup and usage at regular meetings means you are getting the very best from your merchandise supplier. Set up reviews with KPIs in place such as on-time in full deliveries, fast quotes, and free samples. If you spend over £50k per year with Streamline, free samples are given.

Think Europe
Since Brexit, keeping merchandise supply consistent across all offices in the UK + Europe has become a lot more difficult. Using a supplier with UK and EU capabilities can remove a lot of the roadblocks.

  • Stocking products in both a UK and an EU location means flexibility and fewer individual shipping costs.
  • Let your supplier manage customs and tax paperwork and communications for you, it is all about making your merchandise stock and distribution as easy as we can for you.
  • Offer a European product range to prevent products from coming to the UK and then back out to Europe which of course can incur extra charges.

In spite of the new challenges that have been thrown in the ring since Brexit, we have successfully delivered projects for our clients all over the world. From rebrands for global legal firms to employee engagement strategies for the largest plant hire businesses in the UK, we’re well-versed in building brands.

If you aren’t finding the answer to your question, the chances are we do have the right one so please get in touch, we love a challenge and would welcome the opportunity to Streamline it for you.

Reach out today to find out how we can help you simplify your branded merchandise stock management and distribution.