Summer Workwear: A Guide to Layering Workwear for Warmer Weather

Summer Workwear: Layering for hot weather

With every seasonal change, you will know the importance of updating your team’s workwear. As the warmer months roll around it is essential you ensure your workers are well-equipped with the Summer Workwear required.

Throughout Winter your biggest concern, no doubt, is ensuring your outdoor workers avoid cold stress. With Spring around the corner, you will be worried about heat stress instead. Now is the time to ensure your team has all of the branded workwear they need for the warmer weather coming.

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion can impair workers, making them unwell and in the long run even cost your business money in sickness. Make sure your outdoor workers are taking regular breaks. Staying hydrated is a good start but it’s equally important to ensure they are well-equipped with the correct workwear too.

In this blog, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of Summer workwear.

1. Reduce the Number of Layers

It is still important to wear the correct layers in warm weather as it is cold but of course, you may want to reduce the number to a minimum.

We recommend providing your team with a moisture-wicking base layer that will absorb moisture and help people regulate their temperature. If your workers are exposed to the sun you may also want to consider long trousers and t-shirts versus shorts or short sleeves.

2. Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

Tight clothes can increase perspiration and restrict airflow. They, therefore, increase the time it takes for sweat to evaporate and carry off the excess heat.

Loose-fitting clothing works to increase comfort and airflow keeping your team cooler for longer in warm temperatures.

3. Choose Breathable Materials

Moisture-wicking technology in Summer workwear is one of the best options to keep people cool. Moisture wicking has two jobs. One is to quickly move sweat away from the body. The other is to dry quickly so that your sweat doesn’t saturate the fabric.

Choosing products with moisture-wicking technology is a really effective way to keep your team comfortable in hotter weather.

4. Provide Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Some clothing products come with EN standard UV protection built in. This is a great option if your team is working outside in harmful UV rays. You can also ensure they are adequately protected from the sun’s harmful rays in other ways.

Providing the correct protective headwear is a must in summer weather. Consider ensuring your workforce has sunscreen to hand could also be a nice touch. Branded water bottles could also be considered. A water bottle will ensure your team has everything they need to keep hydrated as the hotter weather approaches.

5. Choose Lightweight and Breathable Shoes

Keeping your team’s feet cool and comfortable in Summer is sometimes a challenge, especially when you consider quite how sweaty a person’s feet can get during intense physical activity.

Breathable safety footwear that helps draw excess heat and moisture away from the feet keeping them at a comfortable temperature.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Choose loose-fitting garments
  • Reduce the number of layers but include a moisture-wicking base layer
  • Provide hats and sunscreen for added protection
  • Branded reusable water bottles can ensure your team stays hydrated
  • Take regular breaks


  • Wear cotton layers as it absorbs water
  • Forget to consider activity levels
  • Forget to consider interchangeable weather
  • Choose bulky garments over thinner layers
  • Leave your team overheating this Summer

Of course, in the UK Summer time, you can often expect all four seasons in one day.

All the more reason to be prepared in advance and ensure your team has all of the relevant Summer workwear to keep them cool, dry, and comfortable. Working in the heat often isn’t comfortable and can even be dangerous for prolonged periods of time if you don’t have the correct uniform or PPE.

Choosing the right workwear for the summer months is essential for comfort but for health and safety too.

If you have any questions about workwear or need guidance on the best Summer workwear for your team, start a conversation with our team of experts today.