9 Must-Have Branded Merchandise Products for Summer

Summer water bottle

As the temperature rises and the days grow longer, summer always brings positive energy. Perfect for hosting seasonal events. In this blog post, we will explore 9 must-have branded merchandise products for Summer events.

Whether you’re organising a music festival, beach party, company picnic, or summer barbeque. One element that can enhance the experience is summer-themed branded merchandise. From branded clothing to beach essentials and branded drinkware to keep your people cool and hydrated. Incorporating branded products into your Summer events schedule can help put your event on the map.

Boost Brand Awareness

By featuring your logo, slogan, or event branding on summer-themed merchandise, you instantly increase your brand’s visibility. A ‘summer gift drop’ to your employees or clients is also a worthwhile consideration. These products act as walking advertisements, exposing your brand to a wider audience beyond the event itself. When attendees use or wear your merchandise, it creates a lasting impression and promotes brand recognition. This increased exposure can lead to enhanced brand awareness and potentially attract new customers or clients.

Must-Have Branded Merchandise for Summer

1- Bamboo Sunglasses

Branded sunglasses are a useful option to gift your event attendees that ensures they’ll keep wearing your brand long after the event. A wayfarer style gives you a big branding area and suits everyone. Crafted from bamboo these will tick your eco-friendly boxes too. Branded sunglasses can also come in a huge range of colours. Brands can create a strong brand impact with brightly-coloured sunglasses.

2- Branded Water Bottles

It’s a simple but effective one. What better way to ensure your event attendees keep hydrated and cool than a branded water bottle? It’s one of the most versatile branded products and offers many branded options. With thousands of water bottles on the market, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one to suit your event, and beyond. Water bottles are the perfect takeaway, also meaning they take your brand with them when they go.

3- Branded Paddle Boards

The popularity of paddle boarding has taken a big surge in recent years post-lockdown. It might sound like an unusual option but believe it or not, our clients love a branded paddle board! If you’re throwing a beach party, or your company is undertaking some challenges for your chosen charity this year, a branded paddle board could level up your offering.

4- Cool-Wicking Fabric T-shirts

Summer events often bring people together. Branded merchandise can play an important role in fostering a sense of community among your attendees. When participants wear a branded t-shirt with a consistent theme or design, it creates a shared experience and a feeling of belonging. A gifted t-shirt is a good way of boosting happiness and making your event even more memorable and enjoyable.

5- Branded Speakers

Branded merchandise that your event attendees are guaranteed to want to take home, such as a branded speaker, serves as a reminder of an enjoyable time at your event. By offering summer-themed branded merchandise, you provide attendees with tangible mementos that they can take home and reuse. Perfect for a beach party, a party at the park, or that annual Summer barbeque. Not to mention they’ll think of your brand every time they hit play on Spotify. We can even burn a welcome message into the memory of the speaker so that it plays a brand message when the product is turned on.

6- Canvas Beach Bag

Investing in quality summer-themed branded merchandise elevates the overall professionalism of your event. A suite of branded products adds a touch of cohesion and creates a polished impression. Gathering all of your branded gifts into one useful and versatile product like a branded beach bag is not only functional but looks great too.

7- Branded Ear Buds

One of our most popular branded products at the moment. Branded earbuds are a higher-end gifting option that will put your brand on the map. A branded gift your event attendees are guaranteed to take home and use again, plus they have some great branding options.

8- Beach Towels

A branded beach towel with a full-colour print makes for an excellent branding opportunity. Beach towels are a must at any Summer event. They are something your attendees will love to take home with them too.

9- Branded Sunscreen

Make sure your event attendees are protected from harmful UV rays with branded sunscreen. Available in a handy spray bottle with a built-in keyring. Ensure your people are sun safe and able to enjoy your event fully without the worry of sunburn or worse. A gift of sunscreen is a good way to show how much you care. It can be used after the event too.

Summer-themed branded merchandise is more than just a souvenir. It is a powerful marketing tool that can enhance your event experience. It boosts brand awareness, fosters unity, and helps create lasting memories. By investing in branded gifts you can provide attendees with tangible keepsakes to remember your event.

To see the benefits of incorporating summer-themed branded merchandise into your next summer event speak to our experts today.