5 Cool Branded Merchandise Ideas for 2023

We constantly have clients contact us who are searching for the most sustainable and cutting-edge branded merchandise available. In our fast-paced industry, staying ahead of product trends is crucial. We are here to provide you with the inspiration you need for your brand.

Marketing and HR professionals are passionate about keeping up with innovation. In this blog post, we will explore 5 cool branded merchandise ideas for 2023. Whether you want to create an onboarding pack for new hires or give conference attendees a memorable item to associate with your brand, we have got you covered.

1- The Ocean Octopus Charger

Introducing the Ocean Octopus Charger, an eco-friendly solution to reduce your environmental impact while ensuring your brand stays in the hands of your clients and prospects. This three-in-one cable is made from RPET (recycled plastic) and recycled plastic, with over 61% of the product made from recycled materials. 

The latest Octopus model is even made from ocean-bound plastic, further contributing to sustainability efforts. The sale of each cable also supports the prevention of plastic pollution in our oceans. With one USB input connector and three connectors, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

2- Black and Blum Travel Cutlery and Lunch Bag

Discover the Black and Blum Travel Cutlery and Lunch Bag, a modern set of travel cutlery that includes a nesting knife, spoon, and fork. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these utensils conveniently fit into a protective case for easy carrying. 

They are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Pair this useful reusable cutlery with an rPET insulated lunch bag, which has a capacity of 6.7L, providing ample space for your lunch box, water bottle, fruit, and snacks.

3- Refillable Recycled Leather Notebook

Looking for a unique and eco-friendly notebook? This Refillable Recycled Leather Notebook is crafted from sustainable regenerated leather. This notebook is not only environmentally friendly but also customizable to match your branding. 

Choose from a wide range of colours and FSC-certified refillable inserts, including food and travel diaries, as well as simple lines or grids. Regenerated leather is derived from 100% recycled leather fibres, offering a luxurious feel and flexibility.

4- Bilby Sports Bottle

In the realm of drinkware, the Bilby Sports Bottle stands out as a popular choice. Whether it’s water bottles or coffee cups, drinkware items are always useful and make a significant impact on your marketing efforts. 

The Bilby Sports Bottle is made from Ocean-Bound RPET, making it a sustainable option. It offers flexible branding options and is an excellent choice for your next marketing campaign. What makes this eco-friendly water bottle even better is that for every sale, we donate 20 pence to HUGS charity, supporting education and creating opportunities for children in Uganda.

5- Circular & Co Reusable Coffee Cup

For your morning commute, consider the Circular & Co Reusable Coffee Cup. This double-walled cup is perfect for on-the-go coffee lovers. The outer insulating layer of the cup is made from recycled single-use paper coffee cups, keeping your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer. The lid is designed with patented 360-degree technology, allowing you to sip from any angle. 

With its one-handed, one-click opening and closing mechanism, this cup is ideal for those busy mornings. Plus, it’s 100% recyclable.

Sustainable Choices

Sustainability is a hot topic in the business world, and we all need to make significant changes to secure a better future for generations to come. Choosing sustainable and/or eco-friendly promotional products is an excellent first step, and we are here to assist you in making those choices.

One of the big benefits is the image this portrays. By using sustainable products you are putting a responsible statement in the hands of your customers and audiences and that positive impression is profound in positioning your brand.

In a highly competitive market, sustainability can be a differentiating factor. By prioritizing sustainable products, organisations can stand out from their competitors and gain a competitive edge.

Create a Bespoke Corporate Gift Box

To take it a step further, why not combine several of these eco-friendly options to create a bespoke corporate gift box for your team or clients? 

These cool branded merchandise ideas are sustainable and are sure to impress and delight your recipients. Start building your brand’s collection of cool and sustainable branded merchandise today. 

Here are a few special events where a pack of branded merchandise will be sure to surprise and delight recipients:

  • celebrating work anniversaries, 
  • welcoming new hires
  • hosting events
  • giving corporate Christmas gifts
  • Celebrating a milestone

These sustainable branded merchandise items are sure to impress and delight your recipients. Start building your brand’s collection of cool and sustainable branded merchandise today. Speak to our experts here