How Brands Boost Business in the UK with Branded Merchandise

Eco bottle inscribed with Natural Mineral Water

Your branding has the power to be very influential. Having a brand at the forefront of your prospects and customers’ minds is key – and branded merchandise is a great way to achieve that. Whether it’s the branded pen they pick up to take notes with during the morning meeting, or the mug they sip coffee from, your brand is subconsciously present So the next time they need one of your services, your brand will be front of mind, encouraging them to add you to their tender shortlist or pick up the phone to ask a question.with 

Craft Brand Recognition 

It is said that it takes 5 views before something is read, 10 views for it to be memorable, and up to 20 views for it to become a conversation. When you are trying to promote your brand and make your brand part of the conversation, it’s all down to brand recognition. Brand recognition can be built with branded merchandise. Products such as promotional tote bags as event merchandise for networking events or conferences. Branded t-shirts for your team to wear or branded gift boxes for your most loyal customers. Having strong brand recognition can help more viewers convert into customers. 

Builds Customer Loyalty 

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 75% of consumers who receive a brand’s branded product will prompt future purchases. Handing out free promotional merchandise to potential customers or gifting your new clients a branded gift box makes them feel valued and appreciated. Which in turn will likely convert them into loyal buying customers. 

Build the Right Branded Merchandise Strategy

Sending out branded gifts can be a great way to promote your brand but it’s even more effective if built into a strategic marketing plan. There are many ways to incorporate your branded merchandise into your marketing strategy such as choosing branded merchandise that reflects your brand’s personality and message. Not only reflecting your brand message but also your target audience’s lifestyle. If they are a tech company promote tech products. If they are sustainable choose eco-friendly products. Another critical factor is choosing products that are practical for everyday life so they reach for your products every day increasing your brand visibility.  

Create Memorable Experiences 

Show your clients you appreciate them with the gift of a corporate gift box. Delivering a gift box full of your branded merchandise is a great way to craft memorable experiences for your clients and solidify your partnership with your clients.

Branded Merchandise is a brilliant way to promote your brand and get your brand noticed by potential clients. If you are ready to add branded merchandise to your marketing strategy to help boost your brand then contact our team of experts today.