Top 5 Eco-Friendly Branded Merchandise Products

eco-friendly bottles

As conscious consumerism and environmental concerns continue to increase, investing in eco-friendly branded merchandise makes more sense than ever. Even the most minor step towards eco-friendly choices can be a massive step in the right direction. Not only does it feel good, but making more conscious choices can positively impact the environment and your brand. 

The eco-friendly options for branded merchandise are steadily growing, and with many alternatives, we are sharing our top 5 sustainable branded merchandise products. 

Your morning coffee made sustainable.

A reusable cup filled with seasonal pumpkin spiced latte, your favourite blend of tea or a slow-roasted cup of coffee tastes great and won’t go out of style. Made from used coffee grounds, old coffee cups and even sugar cane, the eco-friendly coffee cups are an excellent investment as part of any branded merchandise order. 

Take notes with a notebook crafted from apples. 

Crafted from apple cores and limestone, these sustainable notebooks will help you stay on top of your daily tasks or stack on track for your next winning project launch. The perfect addition to your next corporate gifting box or event merchandise collection.

Reduce Stress with a branded plant pot. 

Brighten up your team’s desk or home office with promotional eco-cubes and branded plant pots. These unique gift ideas have double the benefits as they make a great eco-friendly alternative to a more traditional branded merchandise item and are a great way to make your team feel appreciated. To top it all off, having plants in your office is a great way to reduce stress, and according to colour psychology, green is said to have a calming effect on most people. 

Relax with a bamboo fibre speaker. 

The Bluetooth speaker is manufactured with sustainable bamboo fibre and is a fantastic eco-friendly alternative as a valuable corporate gift. Include one in your branded gift boxes or feature in your next promotional giveaway. A portable Bluetooth speaker is great for users to take on their travels or use in the office, so you can receive brand awareness wherever they go. 

Introduce yourself the eco way. 

Intrigue your new contacts with a selection of eco-friendly business cards and flyers. Made from seed paper, these business cards or flyers can be printed with your business information and used for networking or tradeshow events. As a bonus, they can be planted when no longer needed – now there’s a conversation starter for any networking event!

As experts in corporate branded merchandise, Streamline is committed to sourcing the most ethical and sustainable branded merchandise for your business so that you can make the switch today. We have a sustainable alternative for every merchandise and clothing requirement – and that’s not all! – We also plant a tree with Ecologi for every purchase made. Chat with a team member today to start your branded merchandise process.