Discover the Benefits of Our EcoVadis Silver Accreditation and How It Impacts You

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s no longer enough for consumers to simply purchase products. They want to align themselves with companies that share their values and prioritise sustainability and ethical practices. At Streamline, we’ve witnessed this shift towards sustainability becoming increasingly important over the past five years.

That’s why our recent achievement of the Silver EcoVadis Accreditation is so significant – it represents more than just a badge of honour or a box to check; it signifies our commitment to making meaningful changes for the future of our planet.

Understanding the Significance of EcoVadis

Before we delve into the numerous benefits, let’s take a moment to understand the background of the EcoVadis Accreditation.

EcoVadis is a globally recognised platform for sustainability ratings, evaluating companies based on their environmental and social performance, ethical practices, and sustainable procurement. This accreditation serves as a testament to our company’s dedication to instigating positive change on a global scale.

Why the Silver Accreditation Holds Importance

Earning this prestigious accreditation means that Streamline ranks among the top 25% of businesses evaluated by EcoVadis in terms of sustainability performance.

But why does this matter, and how does it benefit you as a Streamline client?

Building Consumer Trust: In a world where greenwashing is a legitimate concern, attaining this accreditation provides our clients with the confidence that our sustainability claims have been verified by an independent and credible source.

Ensuring Superior Quality: The Silver badge serves as a guarantee of the exceptional quality of the products and services we supply. The accreditation lets our clients know that Streamline adheres to strict ethical and sustainable practices throughout the creation of your branded merchandise, workwear and print.

Prioritising Ethical Sourcing: We understand that you care deeply about the journey a product takes before it reaches your hands. Our Silver EcoVadis Accreditation demonstrates how we prioritise ethical sourcing and labour practices within our supply chain. Alongside our Sedex membership, we’re proud to offer a transparent and ethical supply chain for all of the products we supply. You can feel good about supporting Streamline, knowing that we align with your values too.

Access to Sustainable Products: Being environmentally conscious is no longer a niche preference but a widespread desire. We know you actively seek out sustainable products. We’re passionate about meeting this demand and are confident that we’re leading the way in offering a wide range of sustainable branded merchandise and workwear for our clients to choose from.

Supporting a Greater Cause: We’re committed to sustainability, our clients are not simply making a purchase, they are actively contributing to a greater cause. They are joining us in our mission to create a better world. Aside from EcoVadis, we’re also planting a forest with Ecologi.

We’ll plant a tree for every order we process. With every product you buy, you become a part of our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, promote ethical sourcing, and support sustainable practices. It’s more than just a transaction; it’s a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and society.

The Future of Branded Products

In an ever-evolving world, the significance of sustainability and ethical practices in business cannot be overstated and we know how much this means to our clients too. We provide our clients with more than just products – we offer them an opportunity to be part of a positive change in the world.

In this way, our EcoVadis Accreditation becomes more than just a badge of honour; it becomes a journey connecting our customers to a more sustainable future. To discover more about our sustainable merchandise and workwear collections, please don’t hesitate to contact us.