My Role as a Children’s Hearings Scotland Panellist

In the heart of Children’s Hearings Scotland, I’ve discovered a role that transcends mere legal decisions—it’s a journey of empathy and advocacy. As a volunteer Panel Member, my commitment surpasses the simple act of submitting availability each month; it extends to dedicating my days off to make a meaningful impact. In our panel of three, we conduct two hearings per session, ensuring that infants, children, and young people are not forgotten by society.

This role is a privilege, an opportunity to contribute to the lives of those who need it most, ensuring their protection, safety, and care. Collaborating with partners both nationally and locally, our collective efforts amplify to improve the lives of Scotland’s young people. It’s not just about legal decisions; it’s about creating a system that genuinely supports their well-being and empowers their voices—truly Getting It Right for Every Child.

At Streamline, our commitment to giving back is integral to our identity. As a company, we actively support volunteering and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This aligns seamlessly with my role as a CHS Panel Member. Knowing that our company shares the same dedication to community well-being magnifies the impact we can collectively make.

Volunteering as a Panel Member has proven to be a humbling and rewarding experience. It goes beyond the procedural aspects of conducting hearings; it delves into the core of societal empathy. Acknowledging the unique needs of each individual child and ensuring their voices are heard defines this journey. It’s a path where compassion meets advocacy, and Streamline’s commitment to volunteering and CSR initiatives further enriches this profound experience.

As part of Streamline, I take pride in knowing that the company actively supports and encourages such endeavours. Our CSR initiatives extend beyond mere obligations—they reflect a genuine commitment to making a positive impact. By volunteering with CHS, I’m not just an individual Panel Member; I’m a part of a company that believes in the power of empathy and the collective responsibility we hold toward our community. Join me on this journey of empathy and advocacy.

* To find out more about Children’s Hearings Scotland’s work visit their website here.