Popular Branded Merchandise Products for University Retail Stores 

We collaborate closely with university retail stores and in recent years, we’ve gained valuable insights into their operational dynamics. In this blog, I’m going to discuss the popular branded merchandise products for university retail stores. The shift in the types of merchandise our clients are buying, whether for student engagement, campus events, or alumni relations, has been significant in recent years.

Sustainability has emerged as a big concern, driven by more awareness regarding environmental issues in society. The era of single-use plastics is out, prompting a compelling demand for eco-friendly alternatives. Recognising this, Streamline has curated a vast selection of sustainable products. Our motto is that for any unsustainable products you find, we’ll provide a sustainable alternative.

Drawing from my experiences, I’ve identified five popular merchandise products tailored for university retail stores.

Customised Drinkware Options

Investing in bespoke drinkware, such as beautifully branded insulated travel mugs or water bottles, is a strategic move for university retail stores looking to connect with students and alumni. These high-quality, sustainable cups and bottles not only keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods but also symbolise the university’s dedication to both excellence and sustainability.

Imagine students carrying sleek travel mugs or water bottles adorned with the university’s logo as they travel between classes or study sessions. Each sip becomes a statement—a nod to the institution’s values and a commitment to sustainability. Moreover, these eco-friendly mugs spark conversations and forge connections, whether it’s bonding over shared school pride or discussing the importance of sustainability in today’s world. It’s not just drinkware; it’s a symbol of community, sustainability, and forward-thinking values embraced by the university and its alumni alike.

Versatile Tote Bags

Sustainable cotton tote bags have become a staple in university retail stores, offering a versatile and eco-friendly option for students and alumni alike. What makes these tote bags so appealing is not just their sustainability, but also the wide array of design and material options available. From vibrant prints to minimalist designs, there’s a tote bag to suit every style preference.

These bags, proudly adorned with the university’s logo, serve as more than just accessories—they’re tangible representations of the institution’s values and ethos. Whether it’s carrying textbooks to class, groceries from the local market, or gym gear for a workout, tote bags accompany students and alumni wherever they go day-to-day, promoting sustainability and school pride wherever they go.

With an abundance of design and material options to choose from, university retail stores can offer a diverse selection of tote bags that cater to the unique tastes and preferences of their community, further solidifying their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Organic Cotton Clothing Ranges

The recent athleisure trend has taken university retail stores by storm, with students seeking comfortable yet stylish clothing options that easily transition from lecture hall to lunch to the gym. Picture: cosy hoodies, soft tees, and comfy joggers, all made from organic cotton.

What makes organic cotton so special? It’s grown without harmful pesticides or fertilisers, making it kinder to the environment and the farmers who grow it.

By stocking organic cotton clothing ranges, university retail stores are not only staying on-trend but also showing their commitment to eco-friendly practices. It’s a win-win for everyone involved – students get to wear stylish outfits while knowing they’re making a positive impact on the planet.

University Branded Teddy Bears

University-branded teddy bears offer a delightful way for students, alumni, and even prospective students to highlight their school pride in a cuddly and endearing manner. These adorable bears, featuring the university’s logo or colours, serve as cherished keepsakes and companions for individuals of all ages. What sets them apart is the customisable option of dressing them in miniature hoodies, t-shirts, or even graduation gowns, adding a touch of personal charm.

Whether it’s a cosy hoodie with the University logo embroidered on it, or a miniature graduation gown to commemorate academic achievements, these teddy bears allow individuals to express their affinity for their university in a fun and whimsical way. They make for perfect gifts during orientation events, graduation ceremonies, or as memorabilia for alumni reunions, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of belonging within the university community.

Student Wellness Planners

Branded student planners offer a comprehensive tool for students to organise their academic and personal lives while highlighting their university pride. These planners go beyond traditional scheduling tools by incorporating a range of features tailored to the needs of modern students. From timetables for classes and extracurricular activities to sections dedicated to mindfulness tips and self-care reminders, these planners promote holistic well-being and academic success.

With designated spaces for work planners, students can efficiently manage assignments, deadlines, and study sessions, ensuring they stay on track with their academic goals. Additionally, integrated reminders to stay hydrated and take breaks encourage students to prioritise their health amidst their busy schedules. By combining practical organisation with wellness-focused content, branded student planners become indispensable companions for students navigating the challenges of university life.

Student Planner

Merchandise where you need it, when you need it

In addition to providing branded merchandise for university retail stores, we offer comprehensive solutions to streamline the entire process. Our onsite storage facilities ensure that merchandise is securely stored and readily accessible whenever needed, eliminating the hassle of managing inventory on campus.

Furthermore, our logistics services ensure smooth and efficient distribution, whether it’s restocking shelves in retail stores or fulfilling online orders promptly. Speaking of online orders, our user-friendly personalised online stores provide students and their families with a convenient platform to browse and purchase university-branded items from the comfort of their homes.

With just a few clicks, they can access a wide range of merchandise, from apparel to accessories, and have it delivered directly to their doorstep. This seamless integration of onsite and online services ensures that students and their families have easy access to their favourite university-branded items anytime, anywhere, enhancing their overall university experience.

To speak to our merchandise experts about how we can keep your merchandise on trend and seamlessly stored contact us here.