Building Your Brand: The Importance of First Impressions

Budgens Staff Member

You know what they say about first impressions. It may take just 7 seconds to make a first impression, but they last much longer. Thanks to ‘the Primacy Effect’, when a person has a series of experiences the first one always sticks in their head longer. The goal of making a first impression is one that I think most businesses will agree is a vital aim. In this post, I’ll explore how we can help you build your brand and the importance of first impressions.

The importance of first impressions

You can use first impressions the right way. Ensure your target market gets the right idea about your brand straight from the off. We all know that making a bad first impression will stick around in our customer’s heads. Unfortunately, that might be the only chance you have to make it.

Good first impressions can include a lot of different factors. Just think of all the factors you consider before a typical job interview. Haircut, carefully selected outfit, relaxed smile, thoroughly rehearsed handshake…and that’s even before you get to the questions. Not to sound superficial, but most people are visual creatures and simply can’t help making a judgement (consciously or not).

Carve out your niche

This is especially true in the world of marketing. In a world of competitors and market disruptors, it’s important to carve out your niche and stand out. Essentially, every brand is chasing that perfect first impression. It could be on the home page of your website, it could be the uniforms of your staff, or it could be the branded onboarding packs you send to each of your new clients. It varies from context to context but connecting all of these moving parts and getting your first impression just right takes a great team of marketers and suppliers you can rely on.

How you position your brand to the outside world is one thing you can control to a pretty granular extent, and it helps to have a partner in that. To Streamline the quality of the branded materials we supply our clients’ must be fully considered and properly aligned with their brand and messaging. That way, the work we deliver allows for the best first impression possible.

How we’ll help

How do we do this? Well, there are a few ways. The first is that we take the time to properly get to know your business, your ambitions and your specific requirements. We then look at designing creative and tailored solutions for your individual needs. Our extensive knowledge, experience and ability in branded merchandise and bespoke clothing go some way to helping with this.

After a first consultation, we then source a range of innovative products and fit-for-purpose clothing that will help breathe new life into your brand. Whether you’re looking to replace your traditional branded products or uniform and workwear with a more sustainable choice, or you need a complete product overhaul for a rebrand, we’ve got you covered.

Never have a new start join your business without the correct branded uniform or workwear and cut out the chance of bad first impressions at the source. Easy online ordering portals and warehouses across the UK, allow your brand to benefit from economies of scale by buying in bulk. Then we’ll take care of the rest – call off what you need, and our logistics team will get it to where it needs to be in plenty of time.

Support when you need it, wherever you need it

Undergoing a big project, such as a rebrand, usually means time-sensitive deadlines and a lot of moving parts. Getting high-quality and sustainable branded merchandise delivered where you need it when you need it needn’t be stressful. Our logistics team has you covered. And of course, as branding experts, we ensure that your brand keeps its consistency across every touchpoint from first impression to everyone after that

To start the consultation process for your brand, contact our experts today. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses maximise the potential of that first impression (and beyond!).