Evelyn Partners

Planning, Preparation, and Delivery


Evelyn Partners is the UK’s leading integrated wealth management and professional services group, looking after clients’ combined wealth and tax needs, personal and business.

When we began working with Evelyn Partners, we understood the challenges they faced when creating a whole new brand. With any rebrand, there’s much to coordinate and facilitate, from websites to property. Our team worked closely with the Evelyn Partners team to design a rebrand launch experience for all 3,500 colleagues across 30 UK and Republic of Ireland offices.

At Streamline, we have worked with many large financial, legal and professional companies across the UK to ensure a seamless rebrand rollout.

The brief

The brief Evelyn Partners gave Streamline was a challenging one. With numerous criteria to work to, and a short ten-week turnaround it was key to work quickly and efficiently to ensure the rebrand packs were delivered on time, to the right people whilst working effectively alongside the Evelyn Partners brand team’s own rollout plans.

Product requirements were the biggest challenge. Evelyn Partners were understandably keen to get this right. With a list of requirements including personalisation with individual staff names, ESG requirements including recyclable or reusable products, useful products with a clear need, and something premium enough to delight the user. The product requirements brief coupled with multiple locations, delivery options, and a tight delivery window made this Streamline’s biggest challenge, but one that the team was happy to take on.

Helping where required

After being approached by Evelyn Partners (then Tilney, Smith and Williamson), Streamline’s project team met with key Evelyn Partners stakeholders and the rebrand brief was shared. The process we followed was;

  • Met to discuss Evelyn Partner’s  brief
  • Shared initial branded concepts
  • Sampled products before approval
  • Coordinated production of branded items
  • Fulfilled 3,500 merchandise packs
  • Delivered to over 30 office locations across the UK and Ireland and home addresses on the day of the rebrand launch

Rebrands are Streamline’s speciality, so our experience and ability to understand the detailed needs of this confidential new brand were key to our success on this project.

The consultation process

Daily meetings were in place to discuss the exact requirements for the launch – these included a personalised pack of branded merchandise including a note from the CEO to go to each member of staff. It was essential to Evelyn Partners to have the right products, taking ESG requirements into account as well as investing in products with a premium feel to really ‘wow’ and help everyone embrace the new brand.

An important step in this project was providing Evelyn Partners with the tools they needed to secure sign-off from the board of the Group Executive Committee. From branded visuals to physical samples, Streamline ensured the brand team at Evelyn Partners had their products at the right time in order to keep the process moving smoothly and swiftly.

The outcome

Over a ten-week period we designed, fulfilled, and delivered approximately 3,500 branded and individually personalised brand launch boxes to each member of staff. We delivered to the company’s locations across the UK and the Republic of Ireland including all workers based from home.

It was a large project for both Streamline and Evelyn Partners, ensuring that each individually personalised box reached the right person at the right time. Feedback since Evelyn Partners’ rebrand launch was overwhelmingly positive. We were thrilled to see team members sharing their delight across social media channels with their personalised merchandise. It was a great opportunity to help instil brand pride and amplify the brand’s core values in such a creative way.