Intertrust Group

Engaging 5000 employees with a global rebrand


One of the most dynamic professional services firms, Intertrust Group, was looking to rebrand during COVID 19 and build a sustainable, cost-effective merchandise webstore for their global business. The initial plans of an in-person brand launch were scrapped as the pandemic grew and the Intertrust Group leadership team was left with needing to launch in a pandemic, executing the brand across over 30 countries, and creating huge global awareness in the company, industry, and amongst their clients about the new brand.


Our teams at Streamline and Accent Group met with Intertrust Group personnel in different locations to build a scope of the brand, its style, communication, guidelines, and tone of voice. The project team here indoctrinated themselves inside the Intertrust Group brand over a brand immersion session and hours of studying the Intertrust Group business. We held workshops in Amsterdam, London (and latterly on ZOOM from our homes!) with the client exploring product options and pitching a solution for an online eCommerce webshop that was accessible to users at every level within Intertrust Group.


On the launch day, Intertrust Group launched #ourbrandnewday and we shipped 5000 bespoke branded merchandise kits to Intertrust Group employees in over 30 jurisdictions in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. We handled:

  1. Product design and production
  2. Fulfilment and bespoke packaging
  3. Fast delivery and management of customs process in each country to ensure smooth delivery

Today, Intertrust Group has a global webshop platform where users from Atlanta to Amsterdam can place orders for stock and bespoke merchandise. Orders are managed and produced centrally which reduces costs and Intertrust users have direct access to their own client team at Streamline.

Streamline became an extension to our team

Intertrust Group, Global Events Manager

Business Development Manager, Nelson, said:

“Intertrust Group was one of the highlights of all the rebrand journeys I’ve been on. It is an ambitious brand and they delivered in a way that embraces all their expertise and global ability. We worked hard, around the clock for many weeks, to deliver their objectives within budget, on time and delivering the brand into the hands of thousands of staff and clients.”