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Engaged Employees = Retained Employees

A strong employee engagement strategy is crucial for inspiring happy, committed and valued members of your team. How does your employee experience stack up against the competition? Now is the time to invest in new ways of ensuring your most valuable assets feel fulfilled, appreciated, and fully connected to your purpose.

Our team works with clients across multiple sectors to do just that, using branded merchandise and clothing to develop a holistic employee engagement experience worth shouting about. Choose from daily essentials such as branded stationary and comfy hoodies or personalised gift boxes for those special occasions. Even a small gesture can enhance employee engagement and remind your team how valuable they are.

Engage Recruits with the Warmest of Welcomes

How do you want a new start to feel on their first day? Should they be daunted as you throw them in at the deep end? Or should they feel warm and welcomed into your brand’s own little community? At Streamline, we strongly believe in the latter.

Our new starter packs are a great way to ensure employee engagement from day one. Sent directly to their home or placed neatly on their new desk, each pack can be stuffed full of branded gifts that offer a perfect snapshot of your brand.

We’ll help your new starts settle in with branded merchandise and clothing worth writing home about.

Build brand awareness through brand ambassadors

Your team members are the lifeblood of your brand and a microphone for your brand voice. They are proud to represent you, and with every new addition comes a new ambassador who wants to share the positive role you play in their life. All you need to do is give them the tools.

It doesn’t matter if you have a workforce of 500 or 10,000; we match the right corporate gift to the right person. Is your recipient a fan of the outdoors? Are they passionate about the environment? Or do they love their grub?

However your team spends their time, our collections of branded gifts will engage employees and increase your brand exposure outside of the office.

Make Staff Well-being Your No.1 Priority

With so much time spent at work, office events greatly affect our well-being. Therefore, taking steps to support your people will ensure employee engagement doesn’t drop. However, suggesting the best ways to improve your team’s physical and mental well-being isn’t enough. Often a tangible investment is required.

Our bespoke well-being boxes are here just for that reason and are designed to help your team tackle the stresses of everyday life. A timely reminder to relax and recharge, our tea bag boxes, branded water bottles, and yoga mats are just a few options that can offer the perfect remedy.

Look after your employees, and they will look after your brand.

Branded Merchandise that’s Anything but Standard

Every sighting of your branded merchandise out in the wild is a huge vote of confidence. However, you can’t simply slap your logo on a product and expect your team and clients to use it. Engaging people through merchandise requires practical items that offer the user value in return.

For that reason, we avoid off-the-shelf items. Instead, we source a merchandise mix that matches your audience, mixing classic popular items such as notebooks and tote bags with the latest tech and eco-friendly options.

Once the choice is made, all that’s left is for us to expertly brand your choices and create a look and feel that belongs to you and only you.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Brand and Your People

Clothing plays a huge role in a customer’s interactions with your brand, massively impacting their perception of you. But what about the person wearing it? How does it make them feel? Without comfortable and practical options, how can you expect your team to engage with your brand and show its best light?

At Streamline, our clothing collections balance the needs of your brand and your people across a range of different working environments. Is your team in the office full-time, working from home or out in the elements?

Wherever they are, we will bring your brand to life and foster workforce engagement with bespoke clothing that meets your team’s requirements.

Seamless Stockholding and Global Distribution Logistics

With teams and clients throughout the UK and beyond, getting merchandise and clothing into their hands can be challenging. It takes weeks of planning, a well-orchestrated logistics network, and an experienced partner to manage.

Flexible and agile, we have warehouses in the UK and Europe that support worldwide distribution. And, thanks to our long-established industry partners, we can deliver straight to their door, wherever they are.

What’s more, with a highly visible supply chain, you have the freedom to order well ahead of time. We can stock items safely, so they are ready to go when you are.


Reorder with a Portal Designed Around You

When ordering from Streamline you could feel the full benefit of a personalised reordering portal. It offers a straightforward user experience for your team members and means a quick restock of your merchandise and clothing is never more than a few clicks away.

An all-inclusive digital home for your project, manage every aspect of reordering, from product tracking to reporting and budget control. Eliminating human error, unlocking efficiency savings and reducing turnaround times.

Our clients love it, and we think you will too.


5 key things to remember

  • Employee engagement is essential to sustained brand growth.
  • 63% of companies say retaining employees is harder than hiring them.
  • Think less about individual products and more about the whole experience.
  • Building brand loyalty is a priceless and valuable end result.
  • People buy from people.

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