Wireless ear buds

Tune into current trends with these compact,
high-quality personalised earbuds.

Cordless branded buds

Make your brand a true trendsetter with these cordless branded ear buds with LED lighting and powerful sound. Available with noise-canceling technology, branding can be available on the buds themselves or indeed the travel case which doubles as a charging station – ideal when you have multiple marketing messages to display.

10 metre coverage and 2 hours battery time

The audio 85Db. bluetooth 4.2 version guarantees coverage of up to 10 metres, have 50 Mah batteries and a listening range of approximately two hours. To charge the buds just put them back in their case, it’s that simple. They have a built-in microphone to enable calls without needing any cables. Minimum order quantities vary, so it’s best to contact one of our experts to find out more.

Portable, compact and stylish

Give your team the best chance of concentrating while in the office, or zoning out while they travel to and from work, or focusing on their routine while they work out in the gym with these portable, compact and stylish company branded wireless ear buds.

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