3 hacks for finding the best promotional merchandise

Finding the perfect promotional merchandise for your campaign can be tricky, so here are our top hacks to help the process get started.

Setting out to find the best promotional merchandise for your business usually starts with the best intentions but can often become a nightmare. After all, there are endless catalogues and websites which all seem to offer similar products to wade through. It’s a world where those who know exactly what they want are rewarded – but those who don’t are left helpless. It’s a landscape we know well, but you on the other hand, you’re busy. Managing the day-to-day demands of the job while trying to ensure a return on investment is as tough as it is crucial (especially important to your colleagues in the finance department). So here are a few things that might make your merchandise search that bit easier…

Hack No.1 – Do your research

Industry trends give a good idea of what’s wanted ‘out there’; in the promotional merchandise industry, bags have been the top-selling product for several years. It’s hard to go wrong with bags – especially if your event or campaign involves people on the go. The trend right in front of your nose isn’t always the best option though, so regularly delving deep on social platforms, like Instagram, will give you some inspiration on what the next big thing might be and a good idea on how your brand can capitalise on that.

Hack No.2 – Don’t be shy

Working out how to make your brand stand out can be complicated. How many colours can you print, how large can you print and will it look great? Yes, this is complex and you might not know the jargon for all the available print processes but your supplier should know and be able to advise you. Just get in touch!

It’s not rude to ask your supplier to design your product free of charge for you either. If your order is of a meaningful size, many providers will show you how your product will look and won’t charge you an agency fee; at most they’ll make a nominal design fee refundable with your order. They’ll know from experience what has worked well in other campaigns so they can divulge their top tips on how to best fit information on, for example, a notebook cover compared with a subtle smaller brand on a pen clip.

Hack No.3 – Know your audience

What do people like? It used to be all about pens, mugs and mouse mats – has that changed today? Think about WHO these items are for. If it’s for a wide demographic focus on your most valuable customer segment and work to wow them. If it’s a C-suite executive, chances are he or she would prefer a beautiful notebook to a thermal mug but if your audience is mainly technicians, it might be the opposite. You need to ask a small sample of your audience or look at what they use, and you’ll probably be able to work this out very quickly.

In our book, getting these three things right means you’ll be well on the way to finding the branded products that’ll get people talking about you. Not only that, but you’ll be running a successful campaign where you even get people coming back and asking if they can have another one!

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