The art of the first impression

The art of the first impression

Is your brand making the best possible first impression?

Whether you’re a brand, interviewee or a new member of your local book group, it’s hard to quantify just how important first impressions are. We’re rarely privy to those insightful inner workings that go through the heads of our peers when they’re first introduced to us. But despite that fact, we all tend to agree on just how impactful and definitive the quality of those first introductory moments can be.

It might only take a few seconds to form a first impression, but it can last for a long time and a lot of work factors into making it a success. Just think of all the various moving parts there are to a typical job interview; haircut, carefully selected outfit, sparkling smile, thoroughly rehearsed handshake…and that’s even before you get to the questions. Call us superficial, but most people are visual creatures and simply can’t help making a judgement (consciously or not). There’s undoubtedly a lot to be said for first impressions.

This is especially true in the marketing world. In an environment where the gold standard for most brands is to carve out their niche to stand out, everyone’s chasing that perfect first impression. It could be on the packaging of your product, it could be the uniforms of your staff, it could even be the quality of the paper that your company use in its direct mail. It varies from context to context but keeping tabs on all these different things takes a marketing manager with an eagle eye. 

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The way you position yourself to the outside world is one thing you can control to a pretty granular extent, and it helps to have a partner in that. For us, it’s vital that the quality of our clients’ marketing materials and all the touchpoints of their brand is fully considered and properly aligned. That way the work we deliver allows for the best first impression possible.

How do we do this? Well, there are a few ways. The first is that we take the time to properly get to know your business, your ambitions and your specific requirements. We then look at designing creative and tailored solutions for your individual needs. Our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in merchandise, print and clothing goes some way to helping with this. Then of course we make sure that your brand keeps its consistency across all marketing materials – nobody wants a mismatched patchwork quilt of assets after all. We then source a range of innovative and thought-provoking products that are sure to breathe new life into your brand.

All this depends on that crucial first step of understanding your business and its specific needs of course, so why not get in touch with one of our experts? Our team is dedicated to helping businesses maximise the potential of that first impression (and beyond!).