Is print the new digital?


How print can help your brand stand out from the digital noise

At Streamline we’re seeing more and more evidence that print is still as relevant as digital. Airbnb, Asos, Netflix and Facebook are just some of the brands known for their digital products and presence that are now ploughing money into printed publications.

Terri White, editor-in-chief of seminal film magazine, Empire says, “A visceral, powerful connection” is created when a customer holds something printed in their hands, “The digital space is a hectic, loud, cluttered landscape with bloggers, influencers, journalists, editors, writers, marketeers all shouting into the void – their voices surfacing, or not, depending on SEO or algorithms. In such a crowded space, how do you ensure that people trust what they read on your website or social channels versus the other 30-odd people/brands in your area? How does your brand stand out?”

In an increasingly digital world you can’t underestimate how much people want to feel something real. There’s a level of trust that comes from something as traditional as a magazine or paper publication. Many brands are now using them as a means to rebuild lost trust, or to reinforce the trust that consumers already have in their brand. It’s plain to see that there is still a lot of value in the printed word.

Duplex Business Card

With big brands such as Netflix and Facebook welcoming the move back to print media, when they are renowned for their digital output, it is a tactic we shouldn’t underestimate. We’re seeing more and more clients who want to take their customers away from their computers, tablets and smartphones and go offline. It allows consumers to relive memories of a time when print was the norm whilst creating a positive brand association.

Embracing the past allows brands to connect with their customers emotionally. By harking back to days gone by they can tell a powerful story. Paper makers, G. F. Smith have just published their Paper Forever initiative, designed to remind us of the permanence of paper and the importance of the fundamental human need to make a lasting mark in our time of earth. It’s impossible to ignore the power of your customer having something tangible to hold and remind them of your brand.

That’s not to say that it isn’t essential to move with the times. Eco-friendly options are on the rise, and even items once considered unrecyclable such as disposable coffee cups lined with plastic are now being turned into something useful and beautiful. G. F. Smith launched their Extract range in 2017 and have had amazing success since. Sustainability is key and with more and more ways to recycle and reuse paper, there’s really no reason not to embrace the nostalgia of print.

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