Do something different in 2020

New Year New You

New Year New You

Have you set yourself a New Year’s resolution? Perhaps you’re going to give up the gin and take up the gym? Or eat healthier and feel happier? Perhaps it’s time to try something new – to take that Graphic Design course you’ve always wanted to, learn Spanish, or take up netball?

But there’s one change that’s small enough to be sustainable yet big enough to have a lasting impact: resolve to make life a bit more interesting. Change things up. Turn right instead of left. Have a tea instead of your usual coffee. Go for a moonlit walk rather than slumping in front of Netflix. Go to see that new French film instead of queuing up for the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Switch up at least one decision every day and change your life.

What about work?

It’s something you can do at work too. Find a different approach, take a risk, look at things in a new light. Innovate. It’s liberating, exciting and surprisingly energising (we waste so much effort trying to fit in that standing out can feel comparatively easy)!

At Streamline we’re pretty big on thinking differently. Innovation, you might say, is our middle name. So, we’re going into this fresh decade with big goals and big ideas.

We can’t wait to start our next innovative projects with our clients – one of the best things about our job is that we get to work with brands who share our approach to innovation. And over the years we’ve found the more we think differently, the more clients who think differently we get to work with. It seems like definitely does attract like.

Stand out from the crowd

To stand out from the crowd is always an act of courage but it’s one that pays off for brands, workplaces and people. Perhaps you’re making your branded merchandise more eco-friendly? Or you’re rebranding and need a whole new suite of goodies? Maybe your staff uniforms are feeling a little tired and in need of a revamp?

Whichever way you plan to shake things up, let us help. Contact us today.