Rebranding checklist: 5 Steps you need to take when rebranding your business

Collage of various images of branded merchandise

Since we started trading over 45 years ago, we’ve become the rebrand specialists in the branded merchandise world. Over that time, it’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two about helping our clients deliver successful rebranding projects.

If you’ve just finished a rebranding project or you’re currently in the midst of one, this article is for you. We’ll go in-depth on the 5 key steps you’ll need to take during a rebrand and provide a comprehensive rebranding checklist to help make sure you tick all the right boxes.

Let’s get to it.

Step 1: update your marketing collateral

The key to a successful rebrand is all about making it as all-embracing and professional as possible. 

You don’t want to end up with a few pieces of outdated marketing collateral that accidentally ends up in your clients’ or customers’ hands. This could make you look unprofessional and potentially undo all the hard branding work you’ve just spent a lot of time and money on.

For this reason, your first step should be to refresh all of your marketing collateral with your new logos, designs, brand colours and straplines.

Below we’ve included some common examples of marketing collateral you’ll need to update:

  • Your website
  • Logos, banners and handles on social accounts
  • Email signatures
  • Company stationery
  • Leaflets, flyers and catalogues
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Signs inside and outside of offices

Step 2: spread the word

There’s definitely a place for a low-key rebrand, especially if you’re trying to shake off a bad reputation.

That said, in most cases, you’ll want to make sure the world knows all about your new style, aesthetic, brand values and identity.

There’s a number of ways you can do this, but the 3 key tactics will be marketing focussed. So make sure your marketing team is on board.

  • First, you should consider a launch campaign to educate your current audience and to reach new audiences. 
  • Second, you’ll want to utilise all of your organic social media channels. The average user spends 2 hours and 22 minutes a day browsing social media platforms, so it’s the perfect place to reach your audience.
  • Last, you should also consider using PR to create a buzz by sending out press releases to relevant media outlets such as newspapers, blogs, magazines and journals.

Step 3: upgrade your uniforms

We’ve already talked at length about the importance of a great uniform. Especially if you’re looking to make a good first impression. 

But it’s particularly important when it comes to rebranding projects. 

Rebranding is all about re-energising your business with the intent to improve your overall reputation in the marketplace. If you put all your focus into promotion, but customers and clients see the same old worn-out uniforms when they interact with your business, it’s unlikely their opinion of you will improve. This totally misses the point of the rebrand in the first place.

When it comes to sourcing uniforms, we recommend prioritising user comfort over price. You want something that your employees are proud to wear and that your customers are impressed with.

To see the power a quality uniform can have for a brand, make sure to check out this case study outlining a recent rebrand project we completed with UK retailer Budgen’s.

Step 4: refresh your branded merchandise

As with your marketing collateral, you don’t want to end up left with piles of dated branded merchandise in your stock rooms. It just won’t look good if it ends up with a customer or a client.

You should consider sourcing a new collection of branded merchandise products that feature your refreshed brand identity. It’s also worth noting here that branded merchandise is an excellent tool to support any campaigns or promotional work you do. Not to forget that your employees will talk about any new merch they receive on social media.

Below we’ve listed some of the most common types of branded merchandise you should look to update. But, you can explore a comprehensive selection of items you might like to include in your new suite of products here.

  • Drinkware – thermal bottles, mugs, cups, sports bottles and thermos flasks
  • Stationery – pens, pencils, notebooks, post-it notes, folders and calendars
  • Bags – tote bags, drawstring bags, backpacks and hold-alls
  • Tech – USB pens, speakers, headphones, power banks and keyboards
  • Fun stuff – toys, fridge magnets, sweets, VR headsets, golf sets and folding cubes

Step 5: communicate with your employees

The final step is keeping your employees up-to-date with everything that’s going on. Particularly those out on the front working directly with your clients and customers.

To get the most out of the effort you’ve put into your rebrand, you’ll need everyone in your business on board and singing from the same hymn sheet!

In most cases, you’ll likely have received some form of brand guidelines, tone-of-voice guide or brand identity document which communicates your new brand. You should consider sharing this with all of your employees so they’re fully aware of everything the new brand stands for.

You should also make an effort to thoroughly educate your employees on any new brand values you have and work towards promoting an internal culture that supports them.

It will also be wise to refresh any sales scripts or greetings your employees use when interacting with customers and clients to match the identity outlined in your rebrand documents. This way, you’ll be able to ensure consistency of messaging whenever your customers and colleagues interact.


There you have, a straight forward rebranding checklist to help you ensure nothing gets missed during your rebrand project. 

If you’d like to explore the subject of rebranding more, it’s well worth checking out this thought-provoking piece written by Sales Director and rebranding expert Alan Davis. 

Alternatively, if you’d like some help sourcing new marketing collateral, branding merchandise or clothing that perfectly fits the style of your rebrand, use the contact information below to get in touch with one of our experts!