Bamboo Coffee Cups: Just How Safe Are They?

In recent times, one of our most popular products has been the bamboo coffee cup. More eco-friendly than plastic with a nice story behind it, you might wonder what’s not to love. However, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has released some worrying research that has made us think twice.

When used for hot drinks, the research shows that bamboo fiber coffee cups can leach harmful chemicals into your beverage. Whilst one-off usage doesn’t pose an immediate risk, the BfR estimates that long-term use could negatively impact health. It’s also become clear that they aren’t as eco-friendly as first thought. The coffee mugs aren’t biodegradable; they are reusable and, as a result, don’t tick enough boxes on our sustainable product checklist. With this in mind, we’ve decided to take steps to remove the product from our offering and have invested time and energy in sourcing genuine eco-friendly and, more importantly, safe alternatives.

Finding Safe Alternatives

Bamboo coffee cups have almost become a symbol of ‘eco-friendliness’, so much so that it’s one of Google’s most popular search terms, and I’ll be honest, it’s a search term that has brought a lot of people to our website in the past. So with this in mind, we feel it’s essential to offer our clients reusable cups that are greener, safer, and better.

Circular & Co Coffee Mug

You can use this coffee mug every day with confidence. This multi-award-winning and sustainable travel mug is 100% leakproof, with a simple push lid that eliminates spills. In addition, the Circular and Co Coffee Mug is insulated to protect your hands, keeps your drink warm for over 90 minutes, and is the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from single-use paper cups.

Coffee Grounds and Sugarcane

Crafted from a mix of coffee grounds and sugarcane, this eco coffee mug is made from 100% byproducts, making it a win-win on the eco scale. It’s a conversation starter with a great story, a valuable vehicle for your brand.

Double-walled Thermal Cup

These reusable classics keep your drinks hot without burning your hands- or even keep your drinks cold for 48 hours. Versatile, stylish, and eco-friendly, your team or clients would be thrilled to receive a branded one to take home.

Glass Coffee Mugs

Glass is a time eco-friendly material. Safe and always recyclable, it’s an excellent option for your branded coffee mug. They’re a stylish alternative to the bamboo coffee cup with a brandable anti-burn strip. Great for on the go or in the office.

Back to Basics- Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Hear me out, I know the classic coffee mug doesn’t have the gimmick factor, but with more and more people working at home and bypassing the commute, there’s less need for a sealed container and just as much need for coffee. A traditional mug has the benefits of a large branding area; it’s eco-friendly, reusable, and a budget-friendly option. Let’s be honest, Who can pass up a free mug?

If you’re looking to make the correct statement with your branded merchandise, Streamline can help you find an eco-friendly and safe option that helps tick all your boxes. From staff engagement to client acquisition and retention, useful branded products can help you achieve your brand’s goals and are a great way to connect with your people. Arrange a call with one of our team to discuss how Streamline can help you reach your objectives this year.