5 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Still Effective

If your product or service is low-cost and volume-driven, effective Direct Mail may not be for you. It’s a bold statement to make, but when it comes to Direct Mail we believe it’s worth doing right. If ‘premium’ describes what you do, or if a new lead is of high value to your business, this post may inspire your thinking.

A recent whitepaper by WARC explores the effectiveness of Direct Mail in what is becoming an increasingly digital world. It explores how in recent years Direct Mail has often taken a back seat in your marketing plan. In this blog, I look at how there’s still plenty of room for Direct Mail, and how it’s actually become a great way to get your customer’s attention.

Making a physical impact in a digital world

With literal constant messaging being thrown at us every time we look at our phone or open a social media app, Direct Mail can be a highly effective way to cut through the noise and ensure your message is being heard loud and clear. Email and social media posts can be fleeting moments in your customer’s day, but Direct Mail can be so much more. Pulling your customers away from their screens may seem like a task, but I find that people are just as moved by something tangible as they always have been. 

“We’re selling houses for 30% over the asking price in your street” was the message on a quality printed leaflet I received through my home letterbox from an Estate Agent I know, even though I’m not currently considering selling my home, that was some good marketing. Why do you ask? Because it caught my eye, and I’ll remember it.

And, did you know that something tactile boosts your memory? According to psychologicalscience.org, “Exploring objects through touch can generate detailed durable memories for those objects, even when we don’t intend to memorise the object’s details.” So, let’s explore 5 great reasons why Direct Mail is still effective.

1- Stand out from the crowd

A well-thought-through, beautifully designed, and printed Direct Mail piece or campaign is guaranteed to help you stand out from your competitors. Showing that you care and that you’re willing to invest in your customers builds trust, and loyalty and in turn drives growth for your brand. And just because your competitors are not doing it is the single main reason you will stand out.

2- Drive action and website traffic

Did you know that 70% of people have been driven towards an online activity after receiving Direct Mail?

Direct Mail is unique in your ability as marketers to personalise, target, and capture your customer’s attention. Your target market is going to enjoy multiple interactions with your mailed items, using them multiple times and engaging with them- much better than a fleeting moment on a screen. Used in connection with your online channels, Direct Mail is a proven way to drive the action your business craves.

3-  Boost acquisition and retention

Direct Mail can drive your brand’s acquisition and improve your customer retention. 42% of people have researched a brand online after receiving a piece of Direct Mail. 20% of 15–24-year-olds made a purchase off the back of a mail ad and 84% have scanned a QR code, which led them to interact with a brand online. You can’t argue with statistics like that and it’s all leading to the idea that Direct Mail could be the missing puzzle piece in your marketing plan.

4- Hybrid Working is driving change

There’s a greater potential than ever to reach people through Direct Mail with more and more people working from home than ever before. Hybrid Working is now the norm and people have more time to look at what they’ve received, take it all in, and act on it. Direct Mail doesn’t have to be used in isolation, it works as a vehicle for your digital strategy. Encouraging and moving your customers and prospects to act – whether that’s to purchase a product, make a donation, sign up for a newsletter, or any number of calls to action.

5- Innovation 

What is Direct Mail anyway? In our opinion, it’s any physical branded collateral that can be mailed, handed in person, or included in a package. Direct Mail is a great way to show your brand’s innovative streak. You can be as creative as you like in your messaging, printing finishes, and delivery, helping drive your customers to act. Innovative Direct Mail can get your customer’s attention and appeal to their emotions. It offers a uniquely interactive medium, with a lasting impact because if it’s beautiful, they won’t throw it away quickly.

Team up with your Sales Team and make Direct Mail a collaborative approach. Direct Mail works best when it is aligned with your Sales Team’s aims and objectives. Use the information you hold in your CRM to create an insightful, personalised, and targeted campaign. 

There’s often an attitude that ‘print is dead’ but with the realisation that paper is the original sustainable and recyclable resource and with more people trying to stand out from the crowd in this digital age, we’re seeing Direct Mail enjoying a big resurgence. Of course, we’re not discounting the power of digital advertising, however, what we are championing is considering space in your marketing plan for something different. There’s room for Direct Mail in every budget and marketing plan, and the potential ROI is not to be ignored.

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