How to build your Sustainable Workwear Collection, one garment at a time

The challenge we have with every big decision, such as switching to sustainable workwear, is getting it right and making it realistic for your business. It is a challenge we know our clothing customers are up against and one we’re hoping to help you solve.

When kitting your team out with everything they need to be safe and protected, it is natural that considerations such as comfort, safety, and durability are front of mind. However, it is also becoming increasingly important that benefiting from these characteristics doesn’t mean sacrificing sustainably. 

As technology progresses, new and exciting eco-friendly PPE and workwear options continue to emerge. Working alongside our trusted suppliers, we are proud to offer these high-quality, comfortable, and hard-wearing modern workwear solutions that are kinder to the environment.

The Challenge

It’s essential to choose workwear suitable for your team and their work environment. It’s a process that considers durability and comfort. It asks whether the item in question is a good reflection of your brand. And above all, it ensures that it’s safe and fit for purpose. And these are just a few questions at the forefront of our buyers’ minds, long before they even reach ‘is it eco-friendly’. So, whilst we understand the extra pressure to choose green alternatives is always there for workwear, your team’s safety and comfort must come first.

However, if you are investigating a transition to sustainable workwear and uniforms, we’re here to help. The good news is that choosing to make these changes is easier than ever, and it doesn’t mean you need to compromise safety, comfort, or budget. While it’s not necessarily an overnight change, you might find it to be an easier task than you initially thought. And although there will always be greener options out there, they might not meet the needs of your team. We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by the vast range of options that are now available.

Go green while staying within budget

When we speak to our clients, one of the biggest concerns about going eco is budget. When you’re buying huge numbers of garments and have a huge team, the environment can’t always be top of the list. But we’re pleased to say that prices of sustainable workwear are definitely coming down. There are more and more green options that your budget may allow for, and who’s to say you can’t start small and scale up? For example, why not begin with an eco-friendly embroidered polo shirt, slowly neutralising the impact of your clothing collection one garment at a time?

Reduce your Brand’s carbon footprint

Ok, so maybe your brand’s ethical workwear collection won’t save the world. But every little helps, and if we all start making strides, we’re sure to get somewhere. Choosing eco-friendly options looks great for your brand. Not only does it show your team that you care about the planet’s well-being and, therefore, their future, but it shows your customers that you care too. Reduce your carbon footprint with minor changes and improve your brand’s green credentials while you’re at it.

How to avoid greenwashing

With every big shift comes an array of new challenges. In our quest for the best sustainable clothing options for our clients, something we have come up against is ‘greenwashing’. So, the question is, how do you know for sure that the garments you’re choosing are actually good for the planet and not just labeled as such? The answer is in our ethical supply chain. We’re Sedex members and constantly strive to choose the best suppliers that match our code of ethics.

Choice is out there

Honestly, it is! As workwear and corporate clothing experts, we know that no one brand has the exact same needs and wants from their workwear. And we know this can pose challenges in the eco-friendly clothing arena. There’s certainly more of a challenge for those trying to keep workwear safe, comfortable, fit for purpose, but also on brand. For example, there’s often an issue with green workwear as the choice of colours can be limiting. However, we also know we can help you brand colour any garment while sticking to your brand guidelines. From hi-vis jackets and recycled plastic bottles to completely carbon neutral footwear and Fairtrade organic cotton t-shirts, it’s getting easier and easier to find the right fit for your brand’s wants and needs.

Why not start with your workwear accessories?

From gloves to boots, you might be surprised at how far we’ve come with ethical workwear and accessories. Did you know you can buy cut-proof gloves crafted from bamboo fiber? Or that there’s a workwear boot that is entirely carbon neutral? It’s not just about clothing; going green can start with added extras.

While we understand the challenges you might be facing trying to switch to eco-friendly workwear and uniform garments, we believe that taking it step by step is the best way to help you get to your destination. So, if you’re looking for the best way to start incorporating sustainable options into your team’s branded workwear or uniform, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, it’s a challenge, but it’s one for which we’re more than ready. Click here to arrange to speak to one of our team today.