Hybrid workwear: What does branded clothing look like in a post-covid world?

We’ve entered a new era of workwear- clothing designed for hybrid working. With more and more businesses embracing the hybrid working model and allowing staff a little more flexibility when it comes to their workplace, we’re seeing a shift in office dress codes and a natural progression to more relaxed and comfortable workwear that takes you from home office to office working.

Big brands are coming to us with a view to redefine their dress-code, and how that might look for them. As they embrace the hybrid model they’re quickly realising that their previous more traditional model is no longer quite right. It’s been a realisation for many that it’s not about how your team looks, but how they feel. A comfortable team is a productive one.

Connecting with a hybrid workforce

Our hybrid workwear collection is helping brands bridge this gap, we’re guiding them to a whole new range of branded workwear designed to strengthen connections between brands and their employees and foster a close connection that is sometimes lost when your team isn’t meeting face to face as regularly as they once were. Offering freedom and flexibility to your workforce is key to supporting them to perform their best.

Further apart yet closer than ever

One of the biggest challenges that come with hybrid working is fostering the same connection that you once did with a team that met face to face most days. Although hybrid working comes with a long list of benefits- a better work-life balance, a more productive team, and a happier and more balanced workforce to name just a few- it’s always important to stay on top of your employee communications and prevent any worrying after-effects that lead to team members feeling isolated, lonely or even distant.

Sending your team a branded uniform that fits into their new hybrid way of life is a small gesture with a big sentiment that goes a long way to helping foster a sense of togetherness and team spirit. Whether you’re including it in your new start welcome back, adding it to a celebratory corporate gift box, or making it a one-off gift, we’re here to help you find the right branded clothing that embodies your brand’s culture, show some appreciation and share a lot of joy.

Office style and Home comfort

Aligning with new post-covid dress codes, it’s still important to ensure that your hybrid workwear collection is both professional and on-brand. Whether it’s being worn at home or in the traditional office setting.

The idea of hybrid clothing is workwear that’s both trendy and comfortable. From cosy branded hoodies and t-shirts to high-quality gilets and branded socks, your team will quickly feel the benefit of the new-age work uniform. With high-quality clothing that’s manufactured from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, your team will feel a sense of pride and delight in wearing their new clothing adorned with your brand. 

Hybrid working uniforms unique to your brand

Streamline offers an unrivaled selection of customisation and branding options across all of our product ranges. Our team of clothing experts offers a consultation process where they’ll be able to find you the perfect clothing garments to meet your team’s needs. When it comes to design, there is no ask too big or challenge too tricky.

Once you’re happy with your products and design it’s straight on to sizing. After all, the comfort and fitting of work from home clothing are equally as important. A difficult aspect to get right for large workforces, our experts will guide you towards a size selection that can cater to every member of your team.

Delivered direct

There’s no need to worry about delivery and distribution either. With our warehouses based in Edinburgh and Exeter, we’ve got you covered. With the expectation that the workforce will be in the office less than 10 days a month from now on, we can help deliver your team’s hybrid workwear straight to their home desk, with no stress or fuss. Just give us a date and time, and we will be there.

If you’d like to talk about your post-covid workwear needs, contact our team of experts today.