Printed Tickets and the Magic of Memorabilia

Everywhere you go these days, it’s more common to access things online or via an app than with a hard copy. Showing our boarding pass at the airport, paying for shopping, collecting reward card points – it often seems like there’s no limit to the things we can do on our mobile phones. 

It’s becoming the same at sporting events and concerts, but here at Streamline, we’re all for a hard copy ticket. For one thing, you have the security of knowing that you have the ticket safely with you – whereas technology can sometimes fail. But perhaps the most compelling reason is to be able to take away a keepsake of the events that you’ve been to in the form of a tactile souvenir ticket. 

If you’re an avid supporter of sport and regularly attend football, rugby, or cricket matches, keeping the tickets of all the games you’ve been to is a memento of the events. We know lots of people who even get them framed, or like me, keep them all in pristine condition by adding them to photo albums. 

The perfect souvenir

It’s the same if you’re a fan of a particular band or solo artist, keeping the ticket is an important part of your memorabilia. Fans queue for hours, even days, to get to the front of a particular concert. Real tangible tickets are still sought after- you can even commission replica event tickets if, say you want to give someone a hard copy gift on their birthday, or a ticket to display proudly.

It’s fair to say that people will go to great lengths for their favourite music gig. A friend of mine is a massive music fan and will spend hours online attempting to get tickets. Understandably, she of course keeps everything from these concerts – the tickets, the wristband, the programme – everything to do with the event has such fond memories for her.  

Research has proven something tactile that you can hold in your hand helps boost your memory, according to, “Exploring objects through touch can generate detailed durable memories for those objects, even when we don’t intend to memorise the object’s details.” It’s an important reminder of why real printed tickets still have their place.

Security is key

The next time you have a sports or concert ticket in your hand, remember they aren’t just a bit of paper, they actually require extensive security features. From unique barcodes to watermarks, to serial numbers and UV/Blacklight ink there are a number of ways to ensure tickets are completely tamper-proof.

If you watched the scenes unfold at the UEFA Champions League Final in Paris on Saturday 28th May, you’ll have seen for yourself just how crucial ticketing security features really are. With allegations of fake tickets being named as one of the causes of dangerous crowds forming outside the arena’s gates, and even causing a 36-minute delay in proceedings it’s a stark reminder to ensure you’re choosing the right ticket supplier with the right knowledge.

Streamline has extensive expertise and experience to produce high-quality event tickets with multi-level security features and perfect print quality. We understand the importance of these security features, minimising fraud to maximise revenue. Whether it’s for an order of 20,000 or 2 million, our strict quality control means our clients receive the same perfect impressions every time. 

Let us create a ticket solution people will want to keep hold of. Contact us to find out more.