Blockchain Technology and its role in Supply Chain Traceability

What is Blockchain, and how is it evolving supply chain traceability to catch out ‘greenwashers’ within the branded merchandise industry? Greenwashing is something that Streamline is on a permanent mission to prevent- we want to offer the best and most traceable eco-friendly products to our clients. That’s why our team works tirelessly to ensure that our products are as green and eco-friendly as they claim.

One way that modern technology is helping with this particular aim is through Blockchain. According to Google, the definition of Blockchain is “a system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency is maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network”. However, after reading this, you may still be asking what this has to do with Branded Merchandise? It’s a fair question with an answer that I’ve not long had straight in my own head. 

What has this got to do with Branded Merchandise?

This innovation is improving product sourcing and traceability to help suppliers like ourselves sniff out the greenwashers and buy from truly sustainable manufacturers. With Blockchain’s help, we’ll be able to map out the journey of a product right back to its origin. This allows us to see what’s going on and where each product has been. Blockchain traceability is helping to make branded merchandise more sustainable, with new blockchain products revolutionising supply chains throughout our industry.

When it comes to buying eco-friendly branded merchandise, traceability and sustainability have a very close connection. Blockchain allows for true supply chain traceability.  Presently, you could purchase a product that’s labeled as ‘green’, whether it’s made from recycled materials or organic materials. You have to take the label’s word for it. However, there’s no guarantee the product is actually as green as it claims. What’s more, it’s often impossible to find the real true evidence that it actually is what it claims to be.

That’s where Blockchain comes in. In fact, we are now able to source products made from materials containing microscopic particles. These tell a story, taking you right back to the very source. So, a simple scan can detect these particles, and tell you where they came from, who made them, where, and with what so you can be sure the product you’ve bought is truly eco-friendly.

How does Blockchain Merchandise work?

The Blockchain process

Supply chain traceability at work

A great example of Blockchain traceability at work can be seen in the high-quality canvas laptop bag pictured above- not only is this bag a useful and versatile product to brand with your logo, but it’s also genuinely sustainable too. Each bag uses yarn made from recycled materials that are complete with the addition of ‘tracer particles’. These give each product its own unique fingerprint. Each bag saves 1257.2 litres of water in its manufacture, which is fully traceable and confirmable by scanning the product itself.

Supply chain traceability is key in your quest for truly eco-friendly branded merchandise. Armed with the right information, you can truly trace the products you buy right back to the source. And with this knowledge, you can demand more in your journey to eco-friendly merchandise. After all, you want to ensure anything bearing your brand’s logo is contributing to a greener planet and not hindering it.

Read more about supply chain ethics and how you can improve yours, or start your journey to greener branded merchandise by contacting our experts today.