How Can I Get a Branded Clothing Sample?

As a supplier of branded corporate clothing, one of the most common questions we’re asked is, “Can I get a sample?”.  We understand the importance of you seeing, feeling, and being 100% happy with a garment before you place your order so in this blog we’ve included a quick rundown of branded garment samples’ most frequently asked questions.

Q- Does Streamline Provide Branded Garment Samples?

A- Yes we do!

Q- Are they free of charge?

A- Normally branded garment samples are chargeable, however, there may be circumstances where this may be mitigated for existing clients and other large or exceptional projects

Q- What is the cost of branded samples?

A- This would vary from product to product depending on the particular garment/product but as a rule of thumb, you would expect to pay £45-55, plus the cost of the garment. [ask the guys for an approx here]

QIs there an artwork/ digitisation setup charge?

A- There is  normally a ‘one-off’ charge per design of around £45, however, it may vary based on the specific requirements of the product

Q- What ‘brand’ artwork do you need to set up an embroidery?

A- Ideally we need your brand guidelines and a vector artwork file to ensure what we set up aligns with your company standards, if these are unavailable, standard artwork formats can be sufficient or we can redraw for an additional charge

Q- Do you need to provide your brand’s Pantone colours?

A– Ideally yes, this is very important to ensure the embroidery colours correctly reflect the brand.  If these are not available, we would discuss some options. 

Q- What is the lead time for branded samples?

A- This is normally 5 – 7 days from sample approval

Q- What about heat seal branding?

A– We can also provide heat seal branding on specific garments. Heat Seal is a durable vinyl brand that is sealed onto the garment under heat pressure. It is particularly good for both thin garments like t-shirts, outerwear jackets, and for hi-vis garments where a smoother brand is desirable. We also provide samples of garments with heat seal branding.

QAre there any other ways of branding garments?

A– Yes, you can consider screen print or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. We do neither of these processes in-house as they are more common in uniforms and workwear. With a quick search, you will likely find a supplier who can help if either of these is your preference.

Q- Are there carriage costs additional to the sample and set up costs outlined above?

A- Normally there would be additional carriage applied, however, this may be mitigated for large orders and other exceptional projects.

At Streamline we’re dedicated to getting branded clothing and workwear just right. We provide high-quality, functional corporate clothing that suits your brand and delights your people. If you have any further questions, just let us know. We’re on hand to help.

  • If you are planning a rebrand and want to provide your team with a stylish new uniform that showcases the new you, we can help!
  • Maybe you’re searching for a reliable PPE supplier to keep your team safe and protected in a high-hazard workplace- we have over 40 years of experience doing just that.
  • Perhaps you’re eager to give away a selection of company-branded clothing items at your next event or exhibition- we can help you choose a selection of the perfect garments.

From corporate branded clothing items to safety workwear, we have a wide variety of options to suit brands, no matter your requirement. If you are interested in any of the clothing we supply, book a call with our team today.